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Who’s Your Biche Black Friday

Here’s the deal…MOST of you are vomiting your sales pitch all over Facebook. It doesn’t bring you raving fans with a fist full of cash. It sends them running like people do when someone near them is puking all over the place. Not really what you intended, huh?

I’d like to help you find your biche. She’s that rockstar fan who talks about you with friends at Starbucks, she comments on your posts and thinks most everything you say or do is AWESOME! If you sell something she buys it, then shares the link on her page. She tells her mother-in-law that your whose-its-whats-its is the BEST ever and she just can’t live without it. If she’s local she shows up at your shindig and sits in the front row…with the 3 friends she brought along. Doesn’t that sound like MORE fun than posting everyday on Facebook about your new products, your openings for parties, your weekly Wednesday sales?




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