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First, picture a child with a balloon. They laugh, giggle, jiggle, bounce it, punch it, sit on it! We say, “Careful, it will pop.” and they look at us like the silly adult that we are. Not two minutes later we hear it….POP!..silence…not breathing…then the wail of utter disappointment!

When you start your new direct sales business you are like a child with a balloon are you not? Happy, playing with it, showing anyone who will look. Then you find other women with the same balloon, the same joy, the same excitement! It is so fun! It seems your balloon just gets BIGGER.

As you go along in your lives showing off the balloon you come into contact with people who are not as excited, who say your balloon will pop. Some of them even put pressure on your balloon, some have the skill of popping it. If someone pops your balloon it makes you wonder if it was really that great of a balloon after all.

How do you keep your balloon full?

*check in with your sponsor at least 2x a month
*read your company communication
*get to ANY online or in person trainings help by your company or local leaders
*dial into any teleconferences
*call a fellow consultant or email someone within your organization that you respect
*get to a meeting in your area or start your own
*motivational books, cds, movies
*connect online and off with fellow distributors from your company, but do not be afraid to network and share ideas with others outside of your company

All these ideas (and a million more) will keep your balloon inflated. Don’t be fooled to think your balloon will be soaring high forever, like ALL balloons, they either pop, get a slow leak or deflate.

Things that can let the air out of your balloon:

*difficulty getting parties
*a negative response to your business
*a recruit lead who didn’t join your team
*a recruit lead who joined someone else’s team
*a crummy party

What is easier? Adding air to an empty balloon or adding air to a balloon that already has some air? Think about it.

What happens when someone comes along with a bigger balloon and hers has HELIUM?! Do you look at her and feel envious and jealous? Or do you ask her, “Hey, I love your balloon, where did you get that helium?!” Either that, or be happy with the balloon you have.

Things WILL start pushing in on your balloon. It happens to each and every one of us. You will consider quitting, throwing in the towel, walking away from your popped balloon. I tell you this so when it happens you KNOW what to do!

Your balloon will stretch to accommodate all the new knowledge and will carry you to places you never imagined!

What deflates YOUR balloon? What fills it? Let us know in the comments would ya?


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