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More subject line ideas for your holiday emails.  Just remember, you want people to CLICK, so make them interesting, intriguing, fun and short.


5 reasons not to ________


This  list format makes people curious. Have FUN with it.  I had one many years ago and it was “5 Reasons NOT to book a party with Kelly.”   It got great opens and went on to be the copy on my website!


Is ________keeping you up at night?


A question headline automatically gets your readers involved in your message, because they answer it in their minds. Many people will click into your email just to find out what answer or solution you provide!


How to ___________


Think of the benefits your product/service offers and then try creating some “how to” headlines.


“Suzie Q changed my life!”  find out how….

Use a testimonial as a subject line  it has to be SHORT, and authentic, but it drives curiosity and also proves why someone should do business with you


Why this offer is like no other

Why you won’t be sorry…


The surprising reason why ________  is my best selling product


“Why” headlines also work great as a question.

 Why are you wasting time searching for the perfect gift?

“Why” subject lines get people wondering.  Add a question mark on a why subject line and do double duty!


Organization: Why you are doing it all wrong


Home decor: The single most effective way to create a comfortable home


These are called “Context: Phrase” headlines (in our case, subject lines)

The first words give context and grab attention and the second part lets you bring more into it than you might be able to in a full sentence.


I’d love to see what you come up with in the comments.  I’ve even been known to tweak one and bust out a few more of my own when people participate! 


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