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Your interactions, be they on your fan page, on twitter or elsewhere in social media, are like the dating scene.

As a business owner you would be wise to treat your new fans like an attractive guy at a cocktail party. Go ahead, smile, strike up a little conversation, slide the snack mix in his direction.

So, you like me, do ya?

The ‘like’ these days is really comparable to a second glance, or a double take. You’re interesting enough for a look, but don’t go out buying Bride Magazine just yet.

You better do something QUICK to keep their attention or they’re onto the next good looking gal (ie… page, business). Be yourself on the page, speak like you would in person. It’s always fun to meet or speak to someone in person after following them online only to realize they sound just the same as they did in print!!

Flirt with getting to know your fans

  • Ask questions, then don’t leave the conversation hanging
  • Give a compliment here and there (as long as it is authentic)
  • Visit THEIR page or profile, leave a comment or send a message
  • Compliment them, cheer them on, celebrate their ups and soothe their downs

Take it to the next level

This is like the back and forth texts you have with someone you are “into”. You shouldn’t have to dig deep to recall what it feels like to call or text someone only to get *crickets*. You check, you pick up the phone to make sure it’s still working, did he leave a message you missed? We all know the feeling of not being heard, or worse yet, being ignored.

Show them your best stuff. This means getting some great content out there, not marketing messages bombarding them with YOUR product.

Show them you know what they want and need (this is where my analogy starts to make me nervous, he he) by providing them with valuable information that they can use in their lives or their businesses. This is all about them and so very little to do with YOU. When you create real relationships they will remember that you sell widgets and call YOU when they are in the market for one.

But now they are asking QUESTIONS

  • If a fan asks a question, for God’s sake, answer it…like soon, not weeks later.
  • If they make a comment you agree with or think is witty or the like button!
  • Don’t ever leave a question just sitting there, even if it is dumb. (Wait, there are no dumb questions…uh, YES there are)
  • What if the question is really more of a complaint or a criticism?

Answer it to the best of your ability as politely and honestly as you can. I know your gut impulse is to delete the question or comment…you know, pretend it never happened. Kind of like deleting a contact out of your phone, seems easy at the time, but can become complicated.

  • Stop the snarky, rude or derogatory questions/comments dead in their tracks by addressing them- PUBLICLY. Your other fans, clients and naysayers will respect you for it.
  • If things get nasty take it off line with a private email. Plenty of people love a good fight, but it won’t be good for your reputation and you want future dates likers right?

I think we’re ENGAGED!

Some amazing connections and partnerships are formed online everyday

You might find

  • your soul mate business partner
  • new client
  • future rock star team member
  • an amazing friend
  • a mentor

If you value the relationship from the start you will see great success not only in your business, but in your personal life as well.

Go on, get out there, smile, toss your hair and FLIRT with creating a page that people just can’t resist! 🙂

What do YOU do to engage your fans?



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