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Recruiting follow up can be easy…

Let me FIRST say that I LOVE office supplies…LOVE them.  I think that is why I went to graduate school, to get new notebooks, pens, highlighters, sticky notes…

So, at first it was simply because I wanted to buy THIS composition book:


and if I bought the composition book I would need some new pens:   {anyone reminded of Give A Moose A Muffin?}


Since I REALLY wanted to try out those new pens, I began adding EVERY SINGLE PERSON to that notebook if they responded with a yes or maybe when I asked them the important question:  “Would you ever consider doing what I do?”

If they ended up joining my team one of the BEST parts was adding “SIGNED” to the top of the page.

I realized that I would sign someone about every 10 pages!

My next goal was— you guessed it!  GET 10 pages filled!!

Here’s what one of those pages looked like:

Don’t give up! Keep contacting them until you hear “No, I am not interested.”

I used this list to keep me on track (thanks to my recruiting ROCKSTAR pal, LoriG!).  I get NERVOUS talking to people on the phone, not kidding, total dry mouth, sceeeeeered! So this list helped by giving me something to say!! {Download the list here}


Be sure to write down your recruiting GOALS!

Make it fun, give yourself something cute to write in and some fun pens… recruiting to your team really is as easy as answering their questions and being interested in THEM.  Take out the desperation, become totally interested in them as a PERSON and not as a recruit/team member/number and you will see your team grow and grow.  Finally, FOLLOW UP!

Here is a little lesson I learned about recruiting and it punched me right in the gut:

I was part of a booking bonanza (you know, where a bunch of consultants get together with all their order forms and contact lists to make phone calls to get bookings and follow up with potential recruits).  After a glass of wine (don’t judge me) I was ready for my first call.  I picked a gal who was super fun, friendly and had expressed an interest in joining my team.  She was the PERFECT fit.  Here is how the conversation went:

“Hi, SusieQ?  This is Kelly, I met you at Lucy’s party a few weeks ago.”

“HI, KELLY!  I was just talking about you the other day, I am SO glad you called!  I thought you were going to call me a couple weeks ago?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sorry… I, uh, um, I meant to call you, it’s just…… are you still interested in doing what I do??”

“I AM! I was so excited after Lucy’s party, I told all my friends, but when you didn’t call I figured you had decided that I wouldn’t be good a this…”

POW!!!!  Punch in the gut! Holy cow did I feel like a hair in a ham sandwich.  What kind of jerk doesn’t call this perfect team member back?  Me, that’s who.

How many of YOUR potential recruits went home excited, ready to join you in your business and then when you didn’t follow up they felt YOU didn’t think they could do it?

Who are WE to NOT call someone who has expressed interest in our business?


I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!  Pin this post so you can refer back to it and share with your team =)



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