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Week 1- Understanding your ideal customer is the cornerstone of effortless marketing. You will have a thorough description and intimate understanding of the very person who dreams of doing business with YOU. Hot seat sessions will allow you to work 1:1 with Kelly to get help on targeting your niche.

Week 2- Armed with your ideal customer you will learn how to find the exact problems and worries that plague them as well as where to find content that will interest your market. You'll also learn how to take this information and turn it into your own original content that will attract MORE of your dream clients. You'll learn search techniques that your competitors know nothing about!

You'll understand the sales cycle of your fans and have a plan for strategic posting and content creation that will have them drooling and coming back for more. 

Week 3- Explore how to use this information for revenue generation in a way that builds your relationship, elevates you to expert status and attracts customers who are ready to do business. You'll explore unique ideas for how best to reach your following in a way that allows them to know, like and trust you.  

You'll understand the sales cycle of your fans and have a plan for strategic posting and content

Week 4- Tie it all together and reverse engineer your calendar so you know exactly when you are generating leads, when you are in content creation mode and when you are actively marketing with a revenue goal.

Hot seat sessions allow you to work personally with Kelly to get your calendar set so your are working smarter, not harder.

You'll leave this 4 week session with a PLAN for the year and a clear understanding of the tasks necessary to meet your marketing, revenue and business building goals.

Honey Badger 101

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When The Guinness Book of World Records names you the “most fearless creature in the world,” people sit up and take notice. The honey badger’s skin is tough. Shoot an arrow at a honey badger and it bounces right off.

Basically, she’s badass.

Honey Badger 101 is a 30-day intensive marketing course intended for badass business owners who aren’t afraid to do what it takes to get the most out of their Facebook marketing.

**Next class Starts October 1, 2016**

You’ll get daily lessons, tasks and prompts that will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to set up your page and increase your exposure. Here’s what else you’ll do as a Badass Honey Badger:

*Identify EXACTLY who your target market is and HOW to use social media to attract her

*Create content that speaks to your niche market and increases engagement on your page

*Master the techie aspect of managing a fan page, including: scheduling posts, tabs, images, apps and Facebook ads

*Strategize and learn the marketing messages that gain the most interaction from your fans

*Learn the WHYs and HOWs of page likes and interactions. Basically, you’ll be badass. Because when you become a Honey Badger? Believe me. People will sit up and take notice.


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