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1:1 Consultation {60 Minutes}


You won’t believe the feeling {and results} you get when you take charge of your marketing. You are either so full of ideas you don't know where to start OR you are drawing a complete blank and need some mojo and direction.
What you need is someone to teach you the strategies that work to get people flocking to you and BUYING from you. You want raving fans, I get it, we all do.
Believe me, we can accomplish A LOT in 60 minutes! (We can also split this into two 30-minute calls.) So, order take-out tonight, and let’s use that hour to give your business a boost!

Kelly in Your Pocket {14 Days}


You're ready to kick ass and get your business into massive forward momentum. It's time to stop staring at the laptop wondering why everyone ELSE is more successful.

You + me + 14 days of coaching and action taking. If you are an action taker, let's see how far we can take your business in 14 days!

  • We will start with a 60 minute call to map out the plan for our 14 days together. You will leave this call with homework and a scheduled date and time for our next call.
  • You will have 6 additional calls (up to 40 minutes each).  Schedule them all at once or as needed.  These calls must occur within 13 days of your initial call.
  • Email, text, messaging support is open to you between calls.

You set the pace, I deliver the targeted/action oriented assignments to get your business delivering real results! Don't worry, you've got Kelly in your pocket! It pays to be decisive!

Praise for Consulting with Kelly


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