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will farrell , direct sales & more cowbell

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2014 Updated version Will Ferrell

2014 Updated version Will Ferrell

Understand that your “audience,” whether it is an audience of one or 50, is going to respond to you and your enthusiasm.

Now surely, my audience has no desire what so ever to see my belly hanging over my jeans as I educate them about my products.  (We’ll get to dressing for success another time)  However, the level of excitement you bring to your presentation WILL result in more sales and interest.  I promise. We’ve all been to the home show where the consultant speaks in monotone, has little to no personality and our first thought is “Get me OUT of here!”  Don’t be that consultant.  You don’t have to be a comedian to be a success, but you DO have to have enthusiasm, knowledge about your products and some level of humor or FUN to your presentation.  Let go of the worry about making a fool of yourself.  The more entertaining you and your presentation are, the higher you sales will be, the more parties you will book and honestly, the more fun YOU will have!


 7 Quick tips to adding more cowbell:

1. Use voice fluctuation to keep your audience interested.

I don’t mean yelling and whispering.  Use slow speech, soft speech, bursts of quick talking as well as pausing longer than feels humanly comfortable.

2. Don’t be afraid to move around…explore your studio space, baby!

3. Facial expressions are KEY!

Are you smiling when talking about why mineral oil is so bad for your skin?  Make your facial expressions match what you are talking about.  It is perfectly acceptable to take your party guests through a range of emotions during your presentation, no matter how long or short it is.

4. Don’t be afraid to dress for success even before you have made a dime!

This goes for your display as well.  Invest in some elements to make your display look classy, professional and appealing to the eye.

5. If you experience rowdy crowds (my parties always have women laughing and talking LOUD) have a microphone.

You can use the mic to get their attention too! Never, Never, NEVER snap at your guests to pay attention to you.  They are at the party for a multitude of reasons, to catch up with old friends, to unwind after a stressful day, to get away from the kiddos… not ALL of them are there to listen to you (as much as we wish they were.) So, do yourself a favor and find different techniques to control your crowd.  If you make them dislike you they’ll never buy from you.

6. Remember you are on stage, use bigger body movements than normal.

Yes, you will feel like a dope, but if you get in your car afterward and feel like you made an ass of yourself…you’ll know they had a good time!

7. Eye contact can be either comforting or creepy.

Make sure you are not focusing too much on one person, it makes them uncomfortable.  However, don’t be afraid to actually look each guest in the eye.  Find yourslef a good balance between scanning over their heads and staring them down!

What kinds of techniques to YOU use to make your presentation interesting, informative and entertaining?  Please share with us in the comments!


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