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Ali Rittenhouse is on a mission: to activate a new generation of tech-powered trailblazers—women who bust stereotypes, break glass ceilings, and show the world who’s boss.  Doesn’t that make YOU want to know more about her?! The fact that she is a techie geek made me immediately want to follow her all over the interwebs and introduce her to my followers!

Have you heard about the easy and inexpensive way to drive traffic to a specific page or post on Facebook?

Facebook is where all the kids hang out – not just the cool ones! Your ideal client is definitely hanging out on Facebook.  You must know this. You need to reach out to them and aren’t sure how?

With the latest Facebook updates, you can now create ads that help you turn stories into effective marketing ads!

Ads go Mobile

Did you know that Facebook has over 425 million active mobile users? I know I probably spend more time on Facebook via mobile than I do on the computer.  This is a huge shift for marketing.  Knowing your ads will be seen no matter what platform they are on is definitely opening the door to more visibility for your ads!

Creating an Ad out of a post

Stories are what people connect with. Being able to turn a post into an ad allows others to see who of their friends have interacted and encourages them to want to interact with the story!  People are more likely to act on something or make a purchase when they see their friends interactive with that brand. Creating an ad post that allows more points of engagement significantly increases your purchases and isn’t that the ROI we are looking for?

Seeing a post as an ad is a new and innovative way to market!  Facebook Ads are still something new that many are not taking advantage of. Now anything you create on your page, you can also market with an ad!

New Premium Ads

There are now 6 types of premium ads that you can create.

Photo Ad – 168 x 128 px thumbnail image with up to 90 characters of text.
Video Ad – 185 x 104 px thumbnail with up to 90 characters of text.
Question Ad – Will show 4 options or 3 plus a “see more” link.
Status Ad – Up to 150 Characters of text with no media.
Event Ad – 75 x 75 px thumbnail with up to 90 characters of text.
Link Ad – 75 x 75 px thumbnail with up to 90 characters of text.

With the new updated application, you can still target non-fans with ads created from your page content. This means reaching a new audience of people you know are out there.

Are you looking to boost your likes, sales or even engagement on Facebook? Invest in a new Premium Ad.

If you have questions about Facebook Ads please join Alicia and I on the Directly Successful Facebook page this Wednesday, April 18th for a LIVE interview and Q&A at 12pm EST!

Have you used Facebook ads for your business? Let us know in the comments along with any questions you might have.  We’ll be sure to answer them Wednesday on Directly Successful!

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