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You may have heard about Pinterest, the popular social site that allows you to post or “pin” images and website urls in an easy to organize site.  Pinterest describes itself as “an online pinboard to organize and share your inspirations! Pin your favorite images and videos from anywhere. Discover new things hand-picked by people who share your interests.”

Most direct sellers see a post like this and think, “Awesome!  A place for me to go and promote my products and opportunity! I’ll post a ton of pictures of my products and tell everyone to come to my website to buy, book a party AND join my team!”  (kind of like most marketers do on Facebook…boo…hiss…)  I am going to save you the time, effort and frustration by showing you how BEST to use this awesome site to not only gain inspiration and motivation in your business, but to TACTFULLY insert yourself and your business and/or services into the market.  This Pinterest community is not hip on blatant marketing so be my guest if you want to be ignored and left wondering why it never got you anywhere.

Pinterest’s massive growth of almost 400% since August- December 2011 is only a small indication of it’s popularity and the implications for you and your business. ROI is still to be determined, but many are reporting that their blogs and websites are getting HUGE traffic from this site.

Remember, this is a social network, not a grocery bulletin board for you to plaster your marketing messages.

Step 1- Get your personal boards set up

First, I would suggest getting your boards set up and begin using the site to pin the various things YOU are interested in.    Add boards that are specific to your interests.  I have found if your boards are too broad it is hard to find anything, so here’s your chance to start off organized!  (novel idea, no?)

Step 2- Follow others whose pins you like and relate to

Begin following pinners who seem to have the same style in clothes, taste in decor, children, occupation, need for organization.  Chances are, if you have something in common with THEM, they might very well have something in common with YOU.  You soon see that there are certain pinners that just might be your long lost twin, they pin EVERYTHING you love!  Here is where you begin to act social by commenting on the pin, @ tagging a friend in the comment so, she, too can find out how to make laundry detergent for 2 cents a load or the latest and greatest Valentine ideas.

Step 3- Begin thinking like your clients

What would your ideal client be interested in?  What is her (keep in mind that Pinterest is still very much a ladies hang out) life like?  What kinds of things might interest her, save her time, bring her joy, etc… Go into Pinterest for about 5 minutes each day with your client in mind and being pinning as if you were your client.  As far as direct sales and party plan consultants go, perhaps your ideal client is someone who loves to host parties.  Ummm, HELLO!!!  Create a board JUST for your hostesses and on it pin every last idea you can find for her to have the most fantastic party!  Go with seasonal themes, drink recipes, finger foods… throw in some birthday party ideas, cake baking, gift giving.  If she is a party thrower you can BET if she is a mom she wants those ideas as well!  Make your boards so rich with kick ass ideas that she will click the follow button.

Has anyone noticed that I have NOT gotten to marketing YOUR business yet?  There is a reason for that.  Pinterest with its massive growth in the last few months has become a breeding ground for greedy marketers.  Begin pinning away YOUR products and services and be sure to turn off anyone who might have followed you.  Always keep in mind that if you have relationships and followers you will have an opportunity to insert your business into the conversation.

Step 4- Make a board for your business

This does NOT mean log into your website and pin EVERY.SINGLE.PRODUCT you sell.  Yuk, this just clogs the board and makes you a spammer over on Pinterest.  Pin some seasonal products with a great description about why it is fantastic for this time of year.  Romance girls…I’m talking to YOU right now, pinning a bedroom accessory is not going to get you sales.  Think out of the box (literally and figuratively, lol) on this one.  Roses, chocolate dipped strawberry recipes, romance blog posts, great relationship books…all these things can be pinned, so ADD relevant and valuable content and your followers will know how and where to find you since your bio is filled out complete with a link to your website.

If you would like to find out if anyone has pinned something from your website simple paste this into your browser and add your website url:


I’ll get into creative ways to build traffic and connection on your Pinterest page in future blog posts, but for now, let’s look at some examples of direct sellers doing it right:


Kalli Millican is a scentsy consultant (no, I don’t know her)  but I came across her boards and she is a great example of a consultant who isn’t over doing it.  She has one board among 33 that is for her business products and you will see that she has a great amount of repins and comments as well. You can follow her here:

You’ll notice on the Alabama pin there is a comment correcting the company on the COLOR of the warmer not being the school colors.  If the company is paying attention to their customers they will make this change OR Kalli will engage with this person, thank her for her comment and perhaps offer to get her a “custom” warmer with the CORRECT colors.  😉  How would THAT be for going above and beyond?

Kalli can see which of these warmers is super popular and perhaps come up with a promotion for her two TOP warmers.  Perhaps a contest (more to come in future blog posts) to get even MORE exposure?

Premier Jewelry:

Use the search function to find what you are looking for.  Here I typed in Premier Jewelry and look at the weath of knowledge I get in the just a few pins!!

That very first item has 70 Repins!!  Use the search function to help you keep your finger on the pulse of what people are interested in, what is popular and what people are SAYING about your products!  Do NOT jump on the 70 people trying to sell to them, that NEVER works in direct sales, plus if it is a fellow consultant who has pinned the item that’s just way un-cool.

Try using keywords in your searching…just got take a look at what the key words “weight loss” will get you!  IF getting in shape or weight loss is your market, you’ll find a wealth of motivational quotes, exercise tips, recipes…the sky is the limit for useful boards and pins that you can contribute to your followers!!

Currently, I have a Pin it to Win it contest going on for a FREE 30 minute Pinterest consultation for the winner.  I hope YOU win!!!

The rules are simple:

1. go to Pinterest and follow me
2 next go to this board
3. Re-pin any (or all) of the pins in that category. The more pins, the more chances to win!
4. All re-pins will go into a drawing for a 30 minute Pinterest consult with me about how to use this tool in YOUR business. Contest winners will be announced on Friday, February 10th! on Directly Successful.

IF you need an invite to Pinterest leave your email addy here in the comments, I will delete your comment once I have invited you! =)

Are you pinning?  Leave a link to YOUR page in the comments!!


P.S. if you are a beginner here is a tutorial for getting started on Pinterest specifically for direct sellers!


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