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You’re back from your national conference and aside from all the great ideas and inspiration swirling around in your head you have a NEW catalog, new products and you are BURSTING at the seams to book some parties and sell some of these fabulous new products!!!!

Before you go hog wild filling up your social media sites with post after post, let’s gather ourselves and do it in a way that isn’t spammy, desperate and off putting.

But Kelly, our products are the most fantastical in all the land, no one would EVER be annoyed at me posting them one after the other, after the other, after the other.

1. Relate the products to an event in THEIR life, and show how your new product solves a problem related to what THEY are dealing with:

High school reunion
Back to school
Holidays (stress, entertaining, gifts)

2. Use simple apps to highlight products in a way that not every.other.consultant in the world is using.

{Of course keeping in mind the compliance rules of your particular company.}

Here are several to keep you busy:

Picmonkey– duh

Canva– free images plus others for only $1, easy + fun to use

Ribbet– this photo editor is what I like to use for making transparent backgrounds for logos and images. {video tutorial}

For your mobile device:

PicCollage– Everyone needs a collage app.

You Doodle

SnapSeed (ios)  (android)– photo editing in your pocket.  This one packs a ton of features into a free app.

Rhonna Designs– super cute and unique designs (worth the $)

Over– add words to those images and collage

WordSwag– Classy, cute

VideoFrame– great for Instagram posting images and video.

3. Show your products being used in real time.

How about a Periscope video on how to use a new product.  Be sure to highlight the special features and even better, how they can use it with products they ALREADY own.

Offer up tips on how to get the most use out of these products.  They’ll love you for it.  {Find me on Periscope @kellypaull}

4. Ask for opinions on the new line.

People love to weigh in and give their opinions. Share your prediction for future best sellers + offer suggestions for pairing new items with products the already own.

5. Do a mini contest.

Post a pic of a new product, explain why they can’t live without it, then offer a freebie to the person who comments and has friends ‘like’ her comment. Or the last person to comment. This typically gets lots of action going on the page, but have a cut off day and time.

6. Offer an incentive to request a catalog.

DON’T post a picture of the cover of the new catalog…that doesn’t really excite anyone, at least show a sneak peak INSIDE.  For every 10 catalog requests, I’ll do a drawing for 30% off any item of your choice.  Plus, it doesn’t make you stand out, since every other consultant is doing the cover picture thing.

**Bonus tip:  A great way to space your posts and make sure you aren’t over doing the product posts is to use a scheduler app. Check out PostMyParty or CinchShare for posting to Facebook Fan Pages, Events and Groups, but there are others like Edgar, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Post Planner.

Share your ideas in the comments and let me know which of these 6 tips you are going to try first!


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