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This isn’t going to be a post about marketing or direct sales, but it IS going to be a post about getting your (read: MY) rear in gear. You see, I have been playing around with this Directly Successful idea for about a year, well, I have had the domain name for about 4-5 years, so I guess maybe this has been with me for much longer. Six months ago I made a Facebook page and began sharing my techie knowledge. Since I had been in direct sales with the same company for the previous 8 years it seemed like a fit to target other direct sellers and party plan consultants. It was super fun to see the page grow and to get comments and kudos and THANKS for posting about the geeky things I love. The page began to take off. Comments like, “I want to pay you to help me.” and “If THIS is what you give away for free, I can’t imagine what I’ll get when I hire you!” encouraged me to get my website up (it had been sitting idle, waiting for all the pieces to be just perfect).

Can any of you relate to that? Perfect, I want things perfect before I show anyone. Perfect before I go any further.

Then, my dear friend Kendra helped me get my “packages” in order. One sunny afternoon in California she MADE me get ‘er done. I wanted to throw up…CHARGING people to help them with their Social Media Marketing?? The hubster had been saying, if this is a hobby then you better get a JOB!

Well, today is the day I declare WAR on perfect.

I’ve been putting off making more videos…that means I’ll have to prepare the perfect outline, the perfect outfit, hair, makeup…at this rate I’ll NEVER do another video again!! So, you’ll all be seeing MORE of me, it won’t be perfect, but it will be me, the real me, take it or leave it. You’ll see me in my Hoodie Footie, my sweatshirts, my hair in a clip…but I probably always WILL put that under eye cream on…I said I didn’t need to be perfect, but we have to draw the line somewhere right?

Won’t you join me in declaring war on perfect?

Chances are the more you put ‘it’ out there, whatever your IT is…the more experience you’ll have and the closer to ‘perfect’ you’ll get!  After you comment below, come over the the Facebook Page to see my imperfect video =)

Because, after all, we all know that:


Leave me a comment about what your ‘IT’ is…what are you going to get done, even though it might not be perfect?


p.s.  don’t forget to come see the video…I have so much more to tell you!  —>


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