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bra & panties post

Valentine’s day is one of only a few days a year where you dig to the back of the drawer for the matching set, or, better yet, you get to pull off the tags of a BRAND NEW hot number.  We all know the feeling of having on sassy matching undergarments, the confidence, the pep in our step…the probability of sex in a new position  well maybe not having to cook dinner tonight.

We don’t even worry about getting in a car accident, save that for laundry day when you are at the BOTTOM of the drawer…we all know what those look like!

Do you find yourself spending more time going through the kids’ underwear drawer to weed out what is too small, too immature, too ratty?  Or is that just me?

I think we do that in our businesses as well.  Taking care of everyone and everything else, but not spending the time  we need to spruce it up, giving it that sass and confidence that a hot pair of boy shorts can instill.

Sometimes you just have to put on the big girl panties and get it done.  I am here to tell you it is TIME to do some cleaning up of your Fan Page… it has on granny panties and everyone is politely looking the other way.

hold you in

The Big Girl Panties Intensive is next week and I have some seats in the intensive that I want to give away!

bgp contest

 Here’s the link to Directly Successful on Facebook


contest BGP

   Read here for more information on Big Girl Panties


So, in the comments, let me know what part of YOUR fan page could use some lace and underwire?

  Oh, and I hope to see you at the Big Girl Panties Intensive where we are going to give you back the mojo and get that Fan Page strutting its stuff!

We EVEN have a Pinterest board devoted to Big Girl Panties…come join us!

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