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It is my pleasure to introduce you to Dani Nir-McGrath.  I have been stalking  following her around the internet for the last 6 months and SHAZAM, here she is guest posting on Directly Successful!  Pay attention to what she has to say and connect with this amazing business woman!

Dani is a single mom of two totally awesome kiddos, an entrepreneur, network marketer, social media junkie, health enthusiast…and a professional ROCKSTAR! 😉 She started in the direct sales industry four years ago and is helping networking divas everywhere navigate social media and rock their home biz!  Find her on Facebook or on her Blog…you’ll want to pay attention to HOW she does things!

Given two options in front of you…chasing down your prospects or drawing them effortlessly to you, which do you choose?

It’s a no-brainer, right?  Whether we’re talking new customers or new business partners, it’s a clear choice that the latter has a nicer ring to it!  After years in the direct sales industry where my online presence consisted of posting advertisements, fighting for new leads and spending countless hours getting no thank yous and no shows, I learned that the key is making a shift in your marketing from advertising to attraction!

What’s this attraction marketing all about?

Essentially, it’s about marketing your assets in a way that captures your market’s attention…and brings them, as a result, to YOU!

How do I get in on attraction marketing?

A few pointers to get you on the right track.

1. People are attracted to YOU before they’re attracted to your product, service or business.  Be the person that folks want to do business with!  Above all things, build relationships online and emphasize your leadership, positivity, and knowledge of your business/industry.

2. Lead with value.  Follow the 80/20 rule of providing value to your target market.  Strive to provide tips, tools, inspiration, and “how to” 80% of the time when you’re interacting on social media.  Folks will see you as a leading authority versus a walking sales pitch.

3. Put your best foot forward.  Remember that professionalism is key!  The rule “what happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas” doesn’t apply to Facebook!  Your faux pas is forever immortalized on social media.  Be real.  Share your spunky personality.  But follow the rule of thumb that anyone, and everyone, may be watching you…including your next customer!

Does attraction marketing really work?

It does!  Take a look at leaders in the direct sales industry and you’ll see the top leaders are following these simple steps.  They’re selling themselves before their opportunity.  They clearly rise above as an expert in their niche.  They use poise and grace in presenting themselves on social networks.

You too can easily integrate these tips into your online presence and see the shift emerge for your business as well!


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