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I asked this question earlier today on the Facebook page ::

Do you pass your products around at your home shows? IF so, when you are facing the crowd, which DIRECTION do you pass? To your right…guest takes with left hand OR to your left… guest takes with their right hand?

You can read the responses here, go ahead and add yours if you’d like:

As promised here is the REASON I asked the question and I’d love to know what YOU think of this theory.

The left frontal cortex of the brain is associated with feelings of wellbeing or “happiness.”  More activation of that part of the brain is associated with more positive emotions.

Feelings of wellbeing and happiness can help your sales as people who are happy generally think YOU rock!

Think about it…how many stellar sales have you had from Debbie Downer?
Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 7.12.42 PM

What if the simple act of changing the direction that you pass your products could improve the moods of your guests?

Would you be willing to try it?
If you currently do not pass anything at your shows can you think of a few products you might pass in order to rev up the happy spot in your guests’ brains?

Here are 3 additional ways to increase the stimulation of that left frontal lobe::

1.  Set up the room you are presenting in so that you are slightly to the right of your audience.
2. Pass products such that the guests receive them with their right hand (triggering the left side of the brain).
3. When chatting with guests or interacting with them and your product you’ll want to stand to their right side, allow the left side (the happier side) to process your interaction.

Well, what do you think?  Hogwash or worth a try?

Leave your comments here on the blog…(always good to leave footprints around the web!)


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