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Honey Badger 101 Social Marketing Course


Give Yourself 30 Days to Learn the Marketing Tips You’ll Use for a Lifetime!

Honey Badger 101

Daily prompts, lessons and tutorials will walk you step by step through everything from how to set up your Facebook fan page, marketing strategy, figuring out your niche and HOW to use social media to attract your ideal customers. Other courses give you the information, but don’t have the built in 1:1 feedback and assistance. You won’t be left hanging with questions about HOW to complete the task.
“I am really glad I invested in the Honey Badger 101 social media marketing class. 10 days in and my business is seeing great growth. “
Erin Gallagher, Pure Romance


Here’s The Nitty Gritty:

  • 30 days of daily tasks and prompts telling you what action to take on your Facebook Fan page.
  • Click by click tutorials on the techie aspects of managing your Fan Page. Including: scheduled posting, tabs, images, and apps.
  • Interviews with leaders both IN the direct sales/party plan industry and OUTSIDE of the industry to TEACH you MORE techniques to increase your BADASS marketing.
  • A PRIVATE Facebook page for continued support and encouragement from other badass business owners like you.
  • SPECIFIC social marketing plan for each day of the week to grow your small business and engage old and new fans.
  • You will get insight into changes you can make to engage your current fans and what needs to change in order to attract MORE!


Kelly is there every step of the way to give you the personal help and attention you deserve. The private Facebook community is a place to get support, encouragement and ideas from other like minded business owners, don’t underestimate its value!

Massive ACTION leads to massive RESULTS!


You’ll Learn:

  • How to market your biz on Facebook without pissing off your fans.
  • How to get the conversation going using social media.
  • Facebook fan page management and content creation in less than 20 minutes a day.
  • How to use video to wow your clients and attract new ones.
  • How to be a cool cat, not a copy cat.
  • Where to find images for your marketing and how to customize and re-size them.


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