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Best "Are You CRAZY?" look ever!

How many of you heard this when you first broached the idea of your new business with those in your lives? Many women beginning their Direct Sales or Home Party Plan Careers hear the doubt in their voice, see the disapproval in their eyes, feel the sting when they don’t book a party. These people are the naysayers in your life, we all have them. Some come disguised as a best friend, some as co-workers and others as family members.

Come across three “You’re crazy” ‘s in a short period of time and many women can’t get past it.

What happened to the excitement about your new business?

What happened to the confidence you had about being a success?

What happened to your inner voice telling you that this would be FUN, profitable and that you’d be GOOD at it?

If you are new, not so new, or old at this business and you have naysayers in your life you will have heard these words:

“You can’t do THAT!”

“Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“You’ll never make any money.”

“What about your degree?”

I could go on and on and I am sure each of you could too!

Now, let’s take at look at why someone would want to puke on your dream…

*their own issues with self esteem
*they are ignorant
*they want to see you fail

How should you handle them?

*look at their car

*look at their health

*look at their career

*look at their attitude

*look at their success

*look at their lifestyle

*look at their happiness

If you wouldn’t trade places with them, then WHO IS CRAZY here?
RUN!  Run, I tell you! Run away from this person! If you can’t because that person is your partner, your mother, your child, etc…limit the time you spend talking about your new endeavor. SHOW them you are a success and prove to them that your new direct sales business is the best thing to EVER come into your life!

*this post was inspired by my new favorite book by Jeffrey Gitomer…Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude (Not an affiliate link)

So, what have the naysayers in YOUR life told you?  I am sure you all have some GREAT ones, please share in the comments!


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