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Nothing bums me out more than a Facebook page that promises to be interesting, informative and FUN, then turns out to be a big fat snooze fest.

Here’s what I mean:

 the  boxes are for you to make a mental check list of the things you need to change

Post after post either promoting a product or service

zero visual interest (no images with posts, no links to other articles)

A page that is spammed with “come like my page” or blatant marketing

a page that is linked to Twitter or a blog, clearly this page gets no love…no one lives here

a page that was awesome at one time, but sadly has been abandonded


Here’s what you can do:

Be present and active on your page.  Ask engaging questions, respond to all posts or comments on your page, get the dialog going.

Post an image with everything you post.  This makes your page interesting to LOOK at and scroll through.

LIMIT the marketing messages both by you and from squatters on the page.  Have certain days where you encourage your fans to post as their #page with a link to their website.  Not only do they love this, but it keeps the spamming at a minimum, plus you get to know who is active on your page.

Don’t be afraid to have some FUN on your page.  Post a crazy quote or a fun image and have a caption contest. Put up some content that has absolutely nothing to do with your product or service, but is of interest to your fans.

Don’t give up.  Sure some days are like yelling into a black hole, but keep at it.  No, don’t keep doing what is getting you NO results, try something different, and if you really need help look into consulting with an expert.  You might be surprised at what a difference it makes.


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