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The 4 P's will help anyone sell anything.

I’m not a chef so recipes with more than 4 ingredients freak me out.

Same holds true with marketing and sales strategies. If it has too many steps, it seems like there’s too much room for error.

Good news!

This sales recipe will work for your home party presentations, in your recruiting appointments, your Facebook parties and your Social Media posting schedules, your emails, blog posts.

Truth be told, it is a tried-and-true marketing technique that marketers have been using for decades to sell ANYTHING.

For the sake of our example let’s use the home party presentation since many of you are already using the recipe, you just don’t know it.

The 4 ingredients are:: Promise. Picture. Proof. Pitch.


This is your big claim. Make sure you state it in language that your audience relates to.

It pays off in spades to really know your target market.

{Not sure who you should be attracting as your dream client? I can help you figure it out.}

When you already know their wants, needs, desires and pain points, making a promise that is music to their ears is easy, peasy.


Paint the picture for the audience. Spend some time here coming up with vibrant descriptive words for your products.

When I was in direct sales my favorite way to doing this was to google my products and/or similar products.

Lots of other companies sell the same or similar products and spend thousands of dollars on their marketing and word choice.

Buy yourself a copy of Words That Sell by Richard Bayan…it’s just the spark that you need to jazz things up!

Tell a story to help them imagine themselves using your product or service.

Use the word “imagine” in your actual verbiage, it works wonders. Pay attention for this word in the marketing you see on a daily basis.

This step is where you help them emotionally relate to your product or service.

Keep in mind, people buy based on emotion.


At this point in your presentation your audience is primed to buy, but their instinct is to talk themselves OUT of buying.

Be proactive and address the common objections before they even have a chance to think the question!

This is the part of your presentation where you get to address those who are more analytical and logical. You could use, facts, figures, statistics & product demonstrations that debunk their concerns.

Pass around testimonials or even ask audience members to speak up if they already own and love any of the products.


If you have done the previous steps correctly, many times you have people begging to buy from you.

You give your kick ass offer, and then ASK for the sale.

Compel them to ACT NOW. We all know as soon as they ask, “Can I take the catalog home to look over?” You just lost the sale.

Give her a reason to buy NOW, not later. I promise, going home to look through a catalog with her significant other is NOT going to result in a sale.

Perhaps your offer is a gift with purchase, free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount, discounts on bundled items, a buy now guarantee. Just announcing it is time to begin the ordering is not enough.
Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale…and to expect it!

Let’s hear it in the comments…were you using the recipe without knowing it?  What part of the recipe needs more of your attention?


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