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Before you start counting the new “likers” you are going to get, let’s get one thing straight:

If your landing page sucks, you won’t get any more followers and if your content on your page looks like PURE marketing messages you STILL won’t get any likes.

The name of the game here is NOT to gather up the most likes, fans, trolls, followers…whatever you call them. The point is to attract and convert your target market into followers or fans on your page.

Count me in on the crowd that likes the landing page. It serves as an introduction to your page, the foyer to your home of killer content if you will.

I’ve had success with my landing page.

It is simple, to the point and asks for the like. I have not gotten fancy with the “reveal” page and free content offers yet.

  • I ask for the “like” and you should too.  This is you call to action…TELL them what you want them to do!
  • I tell them what the page is all about…a little heads up for what they are about to get.
  • I even give them a red arrow to point them in the right direction!!!  ( I used to make my graphic…if you want more of a tutorial on Picnik, go to this guest post I did.)

A few Apps you can test out on your own

You will need to load an APP to your facebook page before you can load up your landing page.  Check out the ones I have listed, adding the app is super simple.  You WILL have to agree to the permissions, but it is harmless so go right ahead. Most of these have the F*R*E*E option, go ahead, try them out and post your review here as well.

Tab Site:  This one is super-de-duper easy to use, literally drag and drop the widgets you want on your welcome page.  There is a free version as well as a $5/month version.   In the vein of full disclosure, I am currently on the $5/mo plan, and switch back and forth between this welcome page and the one I created with Double Your

Here’s what it looks like:

Double Your Likes:   This site is great for someone who really does not want to mess with making their own professional looking graphics.  Even the free version gives you some cool looking graphics that are easy enough to just drop into your page.  I will say, this site took me a little bit to figure out, but I admit that I also sped ahead without watching the video tutorials.

The only thing I’m not keen on with this one is that anyone coming to your page using a secure browser will be asked to turn it off to continue to the page.  Some peeps have their guard up at all times and might miss your killer welcome page because of this.

Lujure: I found this site really easy to use and their drag and drop features are cool.  They have a bunch of different widgets you can choose from in the free plan, obviously, the paid version gets you more cool apps and more pages.

Wildfire:  This app not only creates a simple welcome page, but also has a simple “fan gate” or “reveal tab” component to it. (some of the others do too)  This would create those welcome pages that have some special content, coupon, or video that is given once they actually click “like”.

Check out this step by step post by Grandma Mary (she’s a HOOT! and knows her social media!) on how to get it all set up.

Here’s a peek at what the page would look like “before” they like the page:

One last suggestion:

All the above apps have facebook pages, do a search for each one and check out their walls for a multitude of examples of what people are doing with their landing pages

Whew…if you made it here you deserve a drink! 

That was some heady stuff, but your fan page will look super COOL when you get it done.  Experiment with the page to see if it is truly converting the likes. 

REMEMBER,  the content on your page and the ENGAGEMENT that you do is more telling than any landing page!!

Feel free to post a link in the comments to YOUR welcome page!!  We’d love to see it!  Or post a link to a welcome page that you think is super cool.


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