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Honey Badger 101 Alum

I’ve been totally underground the last couple of months.

 Good news is that I am resurfacing with a NEW BRAND, a new Pinterest COURSE and a new launch of the Honey Badger 101 course!!

My Honey Badger GRADUATES have always been so great about spreading the word about the course, so this time, along with the affiliate payouts, I want to add PRIZES to the mix.  I don’t know what you guys would love to win so what BETTER than a fun Pinterest game to let me SEE what you want to win!?

Totally simple and FUN:

1. Make a board called Honey Badger Alum Dream Board.

2. Pin the items you would love to win

3. Use #honeybadgeralum in the description of each pin

4. Post the link to your board with at least 5 pins to THIS blog post in the comments =)

I can’t wait to see what you guys want to win!  (Don’t be afraid to dream BIG, but also don’t be afraid to be realistic as well!)


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