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Honey Badger 101

Need help marketing on FB?

A Facebook Marketing Course

Don’t you wish someone would just GIVE you the step-by-step instructions to have your followers drooling like a basset hound over post?

Your absolute DREAM client is scrolling through
Facebook right now

are they finding YOU? or are they finding your competitor?


Your absolute DREAM customer is scrolling through Facebook she comes across your page and is Stuck.Like.Glue.  She can’t get enough!

Your images tantalize her senses, your questions make her want to jump in and participate. 

Your About page answers all her questions and she scrolled and read every last post on your page.

She considers you her Facebook soulmate.  Yep, she’s developed a girl crush and it’s on YOU and your business.

She can’t get her wallet out fast enough!

The Problem?

Most fan pages do not generate this kind of eager response. Instead of liking, commenting, engaging and becoming PART of your community your followers are dropping you like you’re hot…a hot mess that is!

OR, just as bad, they are there but they are a SILENT, mute, part of the black hole. There is nothing worse than putting your time and effort into your marketing to be greeted by crickets, especially when you are counting on this to increase your bottom line.

Let me give it to you straight, chances are they stopped paying attention 10 product posts ago.

Join the other smart business women in the Honey Badger 101 Facebook Marketing Course $547


So, before you post ANOTHER picture of your products, beg for another booking or announce one. more. SALE, answer these 4 questions:

1. Are you frustrated with the return you are getting from your online social media efforts?

2. Can you agree you don’t really have a plan or strategy about what you are doing?

3. Are you somewhat envious that others seem to be getting this social media thing down where you still feel in the dark?

4. Are you frustrated with Facebook lowering “reach” and you aren’t sure if that means you should throw in the hat or AMP UP your efforts?


If this sounds a lot like YOU, don’t hit the delete button on your social media accounts YET.  I can help you:

:: Revitalize your Facebook Fan Page

:: Know what to pin on Pinterest that will drive traffic back to your other sites

:: Create a strategy that works for your business and your ideal customers

:: With what you need to do to get seen and followed

:: Get educated on the best way to use Facebook ads without spending a lot of money

:: With ways to get the most return for your efforts in LESS time than you spend at the grocery store each week

:: Make sense of the EVER changing rules and formulas inside Facebook (FYI, it isn’t time to jump ship!!)

hb101 it's badass
Here’s the Nitty Gritty
You’ll access the daily lessons + assignments from your computer or tablet.

30 days of daily tasks and prompts telling you what action to take on your Facebook Fan page.

Click-by-click tutorials on the techie aspects of managing your Fan Page. Including: scheduled posting, tabs, images, and apps.

A PRIVATE Facebook page for continued support and encouragement from other badass business owners like you.

SPECIFIC social marketing plan for each day of the week to grow your small business and ENGAGE old + new fans.

Insight into changes you can make to attract MORE raving fans!

Over 300 smart business women have already taken the
Honey Badger 101
Facebook Marketing Course

what are you waiting for?

What Will I Know
at the end of this Course?

EXACTLY who your target market is and HOW to use social media to attract her

How to create content that speaks to your niche market and increases engagement on your page

How to master the techie aspect of managing a fan page

Strategy and the marketing messages that gain the most interaction from your fans

The WHYs and HOWs of page likes and interactions

Badass Grads




Lauren S testimonial image

Alexandria Cowell,
Lila Rose- A Chic Boutique

Having run 2 different small businesses using Kelly’s program (one direct sales, one start-up venture), I can say without a shadow of a doubt that every dollar I invested into Directly Successful has come back to me at least 100-fold.

Heidi Duncan,
Fit to Succeed

I made some incredibly supportive friends through the Honey Badger community. I just can’t believe how much my business and my business relationships have changed thanks to this course. If you haven’t signed up yet, DO IT NOW! You won’t be sorry!.

Kari Dirskell,

My business was very new when I took the leap into HB101. The knowledge I learned from the course made me feel brave… And thankful. Brave because it gave me the confidence to do what I needed to do, and the strategy to do it, and the courage to put myself out there. Thankful because it was one of the best decisions I made for my business…

Lauren Seiler,
Thirty-Wonderful Fun

I spent some time today finding content and now I don’t have to worry about being on the computer to post the rest of the weekend. I can just check in, do my Honey Badger homework and respond to posts from my phone. Brilliant!

Jackie Wood,
The Jewelry Trend

I just wanted to say a giant Thank You for what you do! As I am posting consistently with my dream client in mind I am seeing a huge increase in my engagement

Week 1 Lessons

Spruce up + Engagement Strategy

How to create a page that immediately hooks your dream client.

How + what to post to get people jumping in to chat with you. No more yelling into a black hole or crickets when you ask a question.

Learn what kinds of content you should be posting on your page.

How often to post + when.

Week 2 Lessons

Dream Clients 

Who Are They, Where Are They?

How understanding your niche makes you more money.

How to create your own images that tantalize and prompt the kind of action you want your followers to take.

Where to find copyright free images….for FREE.

Using your competition as a way to get to know your dream client, and subsequently blowing the competition out of the water.

How to use free tools to understand your dream clients’ wants+ needs + fears and what that has to do with marketing.

Week 3 Lessons

Notes + Quotes + Negativity

How to use the notes section of your fan page for marketing that won’t be considered spam.

How quotes play a role in social media and how to use that trend as an engagement tool.

The #1 thing NOT to do if/when someone posts something negative on your fan page.

How to get exposure to your online efforts even when you are offline.

Week 4 Lessons

Apps + FB Live + Contests + #Hashtags

Which apps to use on your mobile for easy posting in the go.

Does going LIVE make you shake? We got you covered girl!

How to run contests on your page that don’t conflict with Facebook’s rules.

When to use #hashtags + #whennotto


Michelle Bouse


Clare Thoreson

Michelle G
Angie Rowan,
Vault Denim Diva by Angie

HB101 makes me feel thankful that I am not some annoying spammer spewing my business all over every social networking site. I feel blessed to have made so many new connections because I am focused, driven, and attracting my exact target market. I feel like I am connecting on a personal level with customers and team members because I am sharing who I am, not just my business. I feel resolved in the direction I am going and achieving goals in more than 1 social market. .

Michelle Bouse,
Michelle Bouse’s Beauty Boutique

I feel like a sharp, savvy business woman! My personal branding has grown leaps and bounds just from Honeybadger 101. To think I’ve been able to do it without a PR firm, is astounding. Also the fact people see me as a smart social media marketer, makes me giggle!.

Jessica Maynard,
Nouriche Boutique

Whenever I am complimented on my Facebook page, I refer them to Kelly at Directly Successful. Before I worked with Kelly, I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to be successful but I didn’t know how.

Clare Thoreson,
Clare Thoreson – Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

After taking Honey Badger 101, I feel confidant and SAVVY. I feel like I can take on the world and share my business and talents in a genuine, personal way.

Michelle Grewal,
Party, Plan & Profit

Honey Badger was so much more than social media – it was thinking outside the box, understanding my customer and speaking to her. I’ve used the skills I’ve learned with Kelly in both my career as Director of IT for a health & beauty company and also with two of my own businesses supporting the Direct Sales industry. It’s marketing knowledge that you can use in any industry or job.

I’m worried about having enough time to do the program, what should I do?

Well, you probably shouldn’t take the course if you’re not committed to giving your brand’s community a complete makeover in 30 days. The daily prompts, tutorials and lessons not only teach the strategy, but literally TELL you what to do next in your business.

Is the program really worth it?

When you consider the return you will get on that investment, the connections you make inside the course and the strategy you learn that can be used again and again, it ABSOLUTELY is worth more than the price of the course!

I’m just starting out with using Facebook for my business. Is this program right for me?

The course jumps right in the first week with prompts for your Facebook Fan Page {Facebook Business Page} so it is highly suggested that you have a fan page set up and ready to go. The course also requires a general understanding of Facebook. This is NOT a “Facebook 101” course. You WILL need to know how to post a status, add a picture, and how to access your admin panel.

I already know a lot about Facebook. Is this course going to be advanced enough for me?

Even seasoned users have walked away from the course with Ah hah! moments as well as learning little known strategies for getting results online. Not to mention the EXTRA guests inside the course who provide top level training on YouTube, infographics, business principles, and insider tips and tricks for making your business take off in new directions! If that’s not advanced enough for you, we don’t know what is.

Will Honey Badger 101 apply to me if I don’t have a direct sales business?

Honey Badger graduates come from MANY areas of small business: spa owners, entrepreneurs, direct sellers, coaches, etsy crafters, boutiques and more. If you have a business or service on Facebook, this course applies to you.

Can I get my money back if I lose steam part way through the course, get sick or can’t complete it for some reason?

The course is guaranteed to provide results for those who use the daily prompts and complete the course assignments. The guarantee does not cover pooping out. Certain circumstances may allow you to audit the next course and will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Join the other smart business women in the
Honey Badger 101 Facebook Marketing Course


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