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HB101 FAQ’s

I’m worried about having enough time to do the program, what should I do?

Well, you probably shouldn’t take the course if you’re not committed to giving your brand’s community a complete makeover in 30 days. The daily prompts, tutorials and lessons not only teach the strategy, but literally TELL you what to do next in your business.

Is the program really worth it?

It averages out to $11/day. Seriously – is your business (and audience) worth $11/day? I thought so.

I’m just starting out with using Facebook for my business. Is this program right for me?

The course jumps right in the first week with prompts for your Facebook Fan Page {Facebook Business Page} so it is highly suggested that you have a fan page set up and ready to go.  The course also requires a general understanding of Facebook.  This is NOT a “Facebook 101” course.  You WILL need to know how to post a status, add a picture, and how to access your admin panel.

I already know a lot about Facebook. Is this course going to be advanced enough for me?

Even seasoned users have walked away from the course with Ah hah! moments as well as learning little known strategies for getting results online.  Not to mention the EXTRA guests inside the course who provide top level training on YouTube, infographics,  business principles, and insider tips and tricks for making your business take off in new directions! If that’s not advanced enough for you, we don’t know what is.

Here’s what one Honey Badger grad had to say: You rocked it, Kelly! Big fan. Thanks for the extras in the class. As you’re aware, it’s a totally different ball game and fight in Corporate America. Unless you’re a Pringles or Target superstar, your brand is likely boring and using it ineffectively. I was sitting on the fence (since I have several other resources) and I jumped in. And I know most of this stuff. BUT, I am a learning sponge (to a fault) and wanted to know what I was missing. As it turns out, I was missing several really important pieces! Skills from this class CAN translate to Corporate America.

What is your money back guarantee?

The guarantee is for 30 days from the beginning of the course and it guarantees RESULTS from using the daily methods, tips and prompts in the course.  The guarantee does NOT cover illness, lack of participation, or unforeseen circumstances that prevent participation.  IF at the end of 30 days of using and implementing the course materials into your business you experience no increase in engagement and fans, request a refund in writing.  No refunds will be given after the 30-day period.

Will I just get a bunch of ideas and theories or will I really learn HOW?

The thing that makes Honey Badger 101 stand out from other programs is that you not only get the What but you also get the How. Kelly not only provides 1:1 attention and help, but she has multiple step-by-step video tutorials to SHOW you HOW to do it.

Will Honey Badger 101 apply to me if I don’t have a direct sales business?

Honey Badger graduates come from MANY areas of small business: spa owners, entrepreneurs, direct sellers, coaches, etsy crafters, and more.  If you have a business or service on Facebook, this course applies to you.

If I can’t do the course now, will it run again at another time?

The course is going into the vault after the April 2015 course.  Our plan is to run this course once a year due to Facebook’s frequent changes it makes maintaining the course nothing short of exhausting.  Just think of the business you’ll be missing out by waiting 12 months to see if we bring it back.

How much time do I need for the daily assignments?

The assignments and lessons vary.  Some take as little as 10-15 minutes where others might take as long as an hour or more for the deeper topics such as defining your niche and using the editorial calendar.  There will be a catch up day each week and you can most definitely go at your own pace.

Can I get my money back if I loose steam part way through the course, get sick or can’t complete it for some reason?

The course is guaranteed to provide results for those who use the daily prompts and complete the course assignments.  The guarantee does not cover pooping out.  Certain circumstances may allow you to audit the next course and will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

I live outside the U.S.  Can I still participate in the course?

Absolutely! We have graduates from Europe, Australia and Canada.  We’d love to add you to the Honey Badger World Map!

Can I join the course once it has already started?

You may join up to 7 days into the course. Beyond that, it would be best to wait until the next time the course is offered.

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