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Welcome to the Honey Badger 101 Course!

I am beyond thrilled that you have taken the step to increase your knowledge about Facebook Marketing and beyond.

Before you go any further, please confirm your addition to the class in the email that we have sent to you.

We have two housekeeping items to take care of then you’ll be off and running when the course starts!

 Have you joined the Private Facebook group yet? 

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Please read and agree to the following by entering your name and email into the box below:

1. The course is delivered daily inside the membership area.  Please add to your safe list so you do not miss any of my emails with bonus information and prompts to keep you going in the course.  Check your Spam folder if you don’t see emails at least weekly from me .  Make a note to remind yourself to check the membership area daily for your assignments!

2. Please read the FAQ’s about this course and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the 30 day money back guarantee.

3. This course, it’s materials and the materials of the guest presenters are  not to be shared or duplicated in any way.  Your payment was for ONE participant in the course.  Doing so will result in removal from the course, the Facebook group as well as any future offerings from Directly Successful.

4.  It is NOT a requirement for anyone to “friend” or “like” any participant’s page, whether they be a Honey Badger or a course contributor.

5. You will NOT sell or solicit sales within the course. You can certainly do business with HB’s, but that is not to go on within the course /FB group. You will not actively solicit business from HB’s on their personal page or fan page.

**If you are contacted by participants or course contributors on your personal or biz pages soliciting you to do business with them please take a screenshot and contact

**Doing business with course contributors is a natural progression after the course, but it will be on YOUR terms. We have a GREAT supportive group of successful business women in this group and it is in our BEST interest to support, encourage and promote one another.

5. You may not take the teachings of either myself or another course contributor and make them your own. All copyright laws are in effect for our intellectual property and will be defended aggressively.

Please acknowledge receipt, as well as agreement to these terms by entering your name and email below:

**After you acknowledge the above you will be taken to join the Private Facebook Group.

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