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 So, I’ve been noticing for a while that Facebook is not notifying me of my private messages.

Since I do the majority of my work on Facebook, most people know that a private message in FB is the fastest way to reach me AND get a response.  Nothing is more annoying or frustrating than clicking on the messages to see that there are several unread messages and ZERO notification that they are there.

Let me tell you, there is MORE bad news.  Instead of writing a whole post explaining to you that you are likely missing MORE than just a few messages…mine were 100+ messages that I NEVER saw. Dating all the way back to 6/2009!!!

Read all about the bad news of how Facebook is hiding your messages and then come back here.

The second bit of bad news for you if you have a facebook business page (mine is directlysuccessful) is that likely YOUR posts are showing up in this never never land as well.  This means your ‘fans’ are not even seeing your posts! With Facebook determining what does and does NOT make it into the news feed, this little problem adds one.more.hurdle for you as a business owner.

So, the only way to combat it is to educate your fans (the ones that ARE seeing your posts) and hope that this information spreads.

Post a link to this blog post on your page, encourage your fans to share it with their friends and spread the word!  Use the twitter and FB buttons below or above this post…simple =)

Erika does a fantastic job in her post above of explaining the situation and how to find your lost messages and here she goes on to give step by step instructions about how to determine WHO goes into your other messages and who does not.  She does such a great job explaining it all so go read it and get some little bit of control back from Facebook!

Let me know in the comments how many messages YOU had in the ‘other’ category and how far back they date.


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