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If you are on my email list you got an email from me last week with the tag line:  “Where I ask you to unsubscribe {no joke}”

I wanted to do a blog post for you all to give you the somewhat surprising results of this email, but FIRST, let me give you a little background on WHY I did such a thing.  See, I teach small business owners all about GROWING their business using social media, technology and the importance to niche & attraction marketing.

My Facebook Fan Page as well as my email list grew quickly.  Lots of amazing followers, 98% of them are women and most of them are either in direct sales or they own their own small business.  You would think this is NOT a problem (and I am not complaining), but the reality is that with our busy lives, our full email boxes and the wacky way Facebook wants to play around with our newsfeed I realized that MANY of those followers were either not opening my emails (and, girl, they ROCK) and many of those interacting with me on social media are the SAME people time and again.

I teach on niche marketing the course is called Who’s Your Biche  and the one thing I hammer home time and time again is that there IS an ideal client out there and what we want to do in our business is to duplicate that person over and over again until you have a tribe of crazed followers hanging on your every word, clicking into your emails, commenting on your lame joke and retweeting your latest article link.  Just as there is an ideal customer, there is a “hell NO, I don’t want to work with THAT person” kind of client or follower.  Yep, it’s ok and necessary to let those people goooooo.

If I get ONE.MORE.EMAIL telling me to stop using the word BADASS or that using the phrase “Get SHIT done” is offensive I am going to bloody SCREAM!

Guess what? If you can’t handle calling yourself a badass, if you can’t get shit done and you have no desire to figure out your biche…YOU ARE NOT MY TARGET MARKET, IDEAL CIENT, AVATAR or BICHE!

So…it was time to invite those who are NOT my biche to head on out the door…for the record, I did throw confetti and toot a little horn– we can part as friends, jut not biches.

My goal was to weed the garden, thin the herd, trim the fat, pop the zit…you get the idea.

Here’s the email in case you missed it all together::

I can’t even start this email with a fluffy opening like “Hey hot stuff”
or “Yay, Spring is here!” I’m going to cut right to it:

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the state of my business and yours.
How can I BEST teach about online marketing, relationship marketing,
attraction marketing, niche marketing when MY own “following” has grown
to a level that seems un-relatable. How do I continue to teach about
the importance of narrowing your niche when it looks like mine just
continues to expand? That feels yucky to me.
Here’s my plan…I want to encourage those who just don’t like or “get”
me to click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the page.
If my emails appear in your box and you immediately delete them without
reading (ha ha, that person IS NOT reading this right now!) but if you
ARE…scroll right on down to the bottom and click unsubscribe.

If you get annoyed, irritated or pissed when I send an email giving you
the link to my latest course or announce that registration is open…
PAAALEASE do us both a favor and get me OUT of your inbox!
(FYI…this is a BUSINESS and occasionally, I DO ask for yours.)

If the following words upset you, make you feel like shooting me an angry
email or just in general are words you can’t do business with then…
you know what to do!

They are*::
Badass, biche, honey badger, kick ass

*I reserve the right to add to this list.

If you have read this far chances are you might just be my biche, so
stay tuned for more great tips for helping you up your game online!

FYI, you do NOT have to have taken any of my courses to be part of the
tribe =)

Happy Spring Hot Stuff!


Here’s what happened::

1. I got 31 unsubscribes (sent to 4000+ people)  toot, toot, confetti!



2. I got actual responses from 4 people who unsubscribed.

(Normally, people leave that little box blank when they go, but this time I got feedback!)

Here is what they had to say::

“I don’t appreciate  your comments.”

“Subscribed under another email address.”  =)

“I am not working my business now and I DID need to unsubscribe! Thanks for the push.”

“Following too many people. Need to hear the voice and implement the training of one or two at the most.”

3. Here is what BLEW me away, 18 responses telling me they aren’t going to unsubscribe::

“That was a great email. Great subject line, great level set. LOVE IT.”

 “I am your biche, working on being a badass! You are an awesome business owner – you supply content, not just fluff and sales-y stuff. AND you don’t email me every day with the newest offer. Your emails are valuable to me, keep them coming!”

“I loved Honey Badger 101 and I love following you. Thanks for all you do!”


“Thanks for this heads up…I want to be part of the tribe and hopefully soon will sign up a course. Summer quiets down for me so thats my plan!!”

“THAT was an awesome email. I am your Biche.”

“Hey you techie geek, I’ve enjoyed you from the start! I’m staying around! Thanks Kelly!”

You’ll be hearing more and more about my quest to 1000 TRUE fans as well as WHY that is my strategy for taking Directly Successful to new heights next year.  I hope you’ll follow along if you think you might want to be part of the tribe and I hope you’ll go ahead and unfollow, unlike and unsubscribe if you feel what we have going on here just isn’t for you.

What are YOUR thoughts about narrowing your market to 1000  TRUE fans? Leave me a comment letting me know.  Also, chime in if you are one of my 1000!

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