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Facebook has done it AGAIN! They have gone and changed up the algorithm for the news feed (formerly know as Edgerank).  Go here for the official update.

This time it is GOOD news for the Fan Page Admin (that’s you guys!).  You know how frustrating it has been for the last SEVERAL months that our image posts haven’t been getting much reach (or exposure), yet TEXT only posts were getting seen by more people?  

I can honestly tell you that REACH for your business doesn’t mean as much as the engagement and interaction…but I know you girls…you are in panic mode if your post doesn’t get a good showing.

Facebook announced on January 21st that they are going to be giving MORE exposure to Fan Page Posts that use the “Link-Share” method.  Watch the short video and you’ll be up to snuff about all this link-share, algorithm, reach business….  

Special thanks to Patti Your Spice Girl for the awesome link and image for the video example::


BUT…please hear me when I tell you that the MOST important things you should be doing are::

1. Posting useful, interesting content that is targeted to your biche.

2. Responding to your followers.  If they comment then YOU need to respond!

3. Get to know your followers!  What other interests do they have?  I assure you, they don’t live and die by your product and marketing posts.

4. Being consistent with your posting.  Don’t post 4 times today and tomorrow and then not again for another week.  If you can consistently do 2 posts/day 5 days a week, then do that.  

5. Be you…the REAL YOU.  Post, comment and engage in your voice.  Meaning, talk in writing the way you talk in real life…if your best friend were to read your words would they know it was you talking? 

Let me know in the comments if this video was helpful and if you’d like to see MORE!

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