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Today’s guest post is by Gabriela Lee, a super sassy fashionista I met through the Directly Successful facebook page.  I was drawn to her business sense, her awesome interaction on the page and her amazing personality.  THEN I found out she can put an outfit together and felt relief that our first conversation was by phone and not on Skype where she could see me in my sweatshirt and “comfort pants”. 

Through Style with Glee, Gabriela’s Wardrobe Consulting business, she works with private clients providing Fashion, beauty/grooming consultations in order to help them redefine their look and find a sense of individual style that best expresses who they are. She is also Business Consultant for entrepreneurs and has a direct selling business as a Consultant for Arbonne International and loved their makeup products so much that she became a makeup artist, which has helped her increase sales. Check out her website

I know from experience when you show up in your favorite outfit that extra boost of confidence ATTRACTS sales, new team members and bookings.  (Everyone wants the put together rep for their party, not the girl with the pony tail and the stirrup pants!)

So, without further adieu…


Two years ago when I became self employed and was no longer a member of the 9-5 crowd, I spent a lot of time in my pajamas working from home growing my Wardrobe Consulting and Direct Selling business.  This of course meant that I fell out of the routine of getting properly dressed each morning.

Every so often whenever I had a meeting or an event to attend, my saving grace was having what I called uniforms.

These were outfits that were always at the ready whenever I either had to:

  • Meet with a potential business partner to introduce my Direct Selling business opportunity or to just sample the products to them
  • Meet with a potential new business Wardrobe client
  • Attend a networking event
  • Host a party


Sound familiar?  Well, how about you do the same for your closet?

Whether you are self employed, a stay at home mom or someone who has a full time job, these fashion tips are for you!

I suggest that you focus on putting together 3 outfits, which will have you looking fab and fashionable in no time.

My wardrobe tips focus on simplicity with outfits that take you from Pajamas to Professional/Party attire.

Some general tips:

  • Make sure you are wearing the proper bra.  Get fitted at Nordstroms or MyIntimacy at one of their nationwide locations.  A bra giving you the proper support can make you look 10 lbs lighter.
  • In general, avoid dull/muddy colors.  You want colors that are crisp and bright and in smaller prints.
  • Keep your looks simple and use accessories to jazz up an outfit.


With all the work involved in putting a party together, like loading and unloading your samples, setting up the display(s), etc you’ll want a comfortable outfit.  Try pairing a pretty top with jeans or trousers.  A top with ruching in the midsection or tunics will be your best friends as they flatter, while camouflaging.  A solid color is key especially if you represent a jewelry line as it’s best to wear statement pieces at parties and they will show up best against a solid “background.”


Coldwater Creek

Networking/Social event where you want to network

Wrap dresses are figure flattering and a colorful choice is perfect as it makes you stand out from the crowd but the muted print won’t overwhelm you.  Or you can opt for a basic black dress and jazz it up with some accessories, like a cocktail ring or chunky bracelet.

Diane von Furstenberg

J Crew



I like to strike a balance of fashion forwardness with professionalism and therefore always overdress a little bit.  You never know where your meeting will be.  I’ve met with people in coffee shops, homes, restaurants, park benches, etc.   A cardigan with an interesting silhouette and neutral tone will work with a casual or dressy outfit from jeans to dresses.  If you’re in a creative field then by all means go all out with an outfit that screams fashionista.

Talbots outfit

Cabi outfit


Whatever outfits you create, make sure that they are always in your closets and ready to wear.  By planning ahead, you’ll always look great and you’ll be projecting an air of professional confidence.  I gave two options for each event as you never know when one of your party guests will end up being your next hostess!

You can contact Gabriela at 646-872-3322 or with any questions you have!

Do you have a ‘go to’ outfit for your parties, a ‘lucky’ pair of slacks, a killer dress?  Let us know in the comments!



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