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“You want me to get in front of the camera to shoot a video?  Oh, hell to the no!”  The thought of doing your hair + makeup, let alone coming up with what to say and delivering it flawlessly…uh, ok, skip the video.

WAIT!  Check this out>>>

Before you throw the idea of video marketing out the window, let me show you this amazing tool that quite literally can allow you to have a professional looking video up and running in less than 20 minutes!

So00 many of you are using the Facebook platform as a fun and easy way to host online, virtual parties for your direct sales business.

Hosting your parties right inside Facebook is brilliant and if you have not had training from The Tag Team   go check them out. (These girls are the original Facebook Party queens and KNOW what they are talking about!)

I have just come across an amazing tool that is helping me with MY marketing and one of my first thoughts was about using it for simple, quick Facebook party videos, pre-marketing, demos and tons MORE!!

My email list got a heads up about this tool a couple of days ago.  FYI, the email list almost always gets things first or exclusively…they are badass and deserve to be on the cutting edge like me!

If YOU would like to be on the email list (I promise, I don’t send tons of emails and ONLY good stuff) here is the link::
Click here to join the other badasses!

Here is the tool I want to show you all:

I made these videos in less than 10 minutes each!  Imagine what you can do with YOUR marketing by having this at your fingertips!  The price is going up on this at midnight tonight so check it out right away!



Click here>>> Show me the TOOL that is going to make video creation a SNAP!


Let me know in the comments what kinds of videos YOU want to make to help your marketing!!




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