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It’s a good time to take a look back, a look around and a look forward!

Here are 14 things you should do before the end of the year::

1. Evaluate your goals from this past year:

How did you do? Did you reach them all six months into the year? Did you change course mid year when you should have planned a little better last December? Take time to reflect and feel PROUD of what you accomplished. It is easy to get caught up in other peoples’ dreams and goals. Stay true to yourself and the REASON you started your business!

2. Sit down and map out the next 365:

If you are in a party plan, how many parties do you want to do each month? What do you want to do with your team?  What do you want your average sale to be? How many guests at your parties? This is a great time to stretch yourself and put down a goal that makes your stomach queasy just thinking about it! You will never grow or see what is possible if you don’t stretch. Start off big and work your way backward getting more and more specific as you go. This means putting things in writing, this is not merely a daydreaming exercise!

If you own a small business what worked well, what didn’t? What was your Gross Profit? Did you contribute to a retirement fund or should you look into setting one up for yourself? Do you need to hire or outsource more next year? What processes do you have in place that work like a well oiled machine and what needs tweaking? Were you profitable- why or why not? What changes will make next year better?

3. Look around at your work space:

Is it a mess, are things scattered around and in a pile? (or is that just MY desk?)  Do you feel focused and ready to work or scattered and distracted? Take the time to clean up, de-clutter and organize your work space…it will save you time and increase your productivity.

Use this time to re-vamp your system and try something new in terms of organization.

4. What needs to be replaced, cleaned, updated?

This could be your marketing materials, your signage, your Fan Page cover image, your headshot…or even the order form you have customers fill out.  Perhaps you are ready for new branding.  Now’s the time to think about getting a clean, fresh start.

5. Taxes…yep I said it, all small businesses will deal with taxes:

My accountant (rest his soul) used to always tell me taxes were a side effect of being successful.  No one likes to pay them, as an entrepreneur I am forever thankful for being able to do the work I love with a schedule that can’t be beat and the freedom to do it all on MY terms!

Get those receipts in order. Here are is a simple list to get you started:
Advertising, bad debts/bank charges, business gifts/client entertainment, car expense/travel, continuing education/convention/training, dues/publications, incentives/awards/downline expenses, freight/postage/client contact, legal/professional services, office supplies, printing, demos/display, internet, cell phone.

Check out these organizers and checklists from Nayo Carter, MBA and accountant at 1st Step Accounting who is was also a successful home party plan consultant in her past!

6. Mileage~ if you didn’t keep track during the year, this is time consuming!

ALSO, don’t forget to write down your odometer reading on Jan 1!!!! [Put a reminder in your phone RIGHT now!]

7. Plan out your incentives or giveaways (for hostesses, followers, clients) for the next several months:

Are you going to have a contest on your fan page? Plan out what you will give away to the winner. If you have a team plan out incentives for the year.

8. Take a look at your bank balance:

Do you have thousands sitting around? It is a good time to buy that laptop or sign up for that continuing education course or program and is a brilliant way to get a last minute deduction.

9. Fill out your calendar:

Put all the holidays, kids’ days off from school, vacations.  Then add any conferences or corporate events. Plan out quarterly flash sales, contests, product launches. The more dialed in you get  your calendar, the more successful you’ll be.  Getting to your destination involves a PLAN.

If you want help planning your successful year check out my latest course BGP-365

10. Plan out and schedule when in January you are going to formally show others what your business is all about:

January is the month with the highest numbers of people changing jobs! Don’t miss this KEY time for recruiting or adding to your employees.

11. Call or email someone within your industry who motivates or inspires you.

Surrounding yourself with successful, motivated and driven peers is the next step in boosting your success. True leaders are willing to reach out, answer questions and help others.

12. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself!

Find other business owners to network with and use Facebook and other social networks to make strategic alliances.

13. Print your goals and post them where you can see it.

Be sure to include the number of bookings you want, the recruits, the sales as well as your social media plans!

14. Plan out your continuing education for the new year:

There’s always something you can learn to make your business better.  It might be sales, marketing, video editing, graphics. The sometimes unexpected side effect is meeting and becoming friends with other movers and shakers.  I will shout from the rooftops that the women who join my courses are some of the coolest, smartest girls doing business online, our squad is pretty freakin’ rad!  {Check out the current courses here} 

Can you think of anything I have missed?  Let me know in the comments!


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