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If only I could have given you a screen shot of my inbox from 3 weeks ago.  I am ashamed to admit that it had over 3000 messages!  Some of them read, some of them starred (you know, because a STAR tells me it is important) and still others just sitting there longing to be opened and acted upon.

In that mess was an inquiry from a potential client!!  DOH!  How bad does it look to get back to someone after 2 months?  Pretty bad.  The fortunate thing for me was that client was resilient and had also messaged me on Facebook.  *wiping brow*

Today’s techie tip is on a program called it has helped me figure out what I actually WANT coming into my email box, it allows me to get a daily digest of all those subscriptions that I really DO want to read, but don’t need to see in my email daily. AND it has this nifty little “unsubscribe” feature.



Watch the video and leave me a comment to let me know if you’d use this service (FREE!!) also chime in on whether you would like a weekly tech tip video like this one.


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