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An “Editorial Calendar” is one of the freebies and I want to give you some quick tips on how to best use it for your Fan Page.

Grab yours here: {editorial calendar printable}

First, you need to be posting useful content that your followers are interested in.  Knowing your niche* allows you to target the content you deliver to the specific needs/desires of your followers.  It also makes marketing much easier when you aren’t trying to appeal to EVERYONE in the world.

The goal of an editorial calendar is to organize your content in ways that allow you to deliver it consistently and timely.

Your editorial calendar should have the following four sections:

1. You want a variety of “topics.”

Make a LIST of all the topics your followers would be interested in hearing from you.  You could even have one that is as basic as “hot trends” or “in the news.”

2. Think of magazines or newspapers, this is where editorial calendars originated.

They have “features” that appear in EVERY issue.  What kinds of features do you want to have on a weekly or monthly basis?  This allows your followers to begin to anticipate, and look forward to, your predictable content.  This could be a weekly caption this, a Friday post for local happenings or a link to inspiring content each Monday.  Think about the kinds of content YOU like to interact with, and use that as your guide.  Are your fans serious? intellectual? fun loving? adventure seeking?

3. Sharing is caring.  Use your site as a way to promote others.

Share the content of other experts or ask for one of them to be your “guest poster” on your page once a month.  Look for experts in your SAME field as well as those who might  have the SAME target market that you do.  The more you promote others the more you establish YOURSELF as a confident business owner.

4. Pick out themes to follow.

If you are in fashion you will follow seasons, trends and various predictable events like Fashion Week and the unveiling of the Pantone colors each year.  Do you see how this begins to fill in your calendar?

I hope that gets you started in making a PLAN for your marketing!


*the niche market is a highly specialized market aiming to survive among the competition-  and you, my dear, YOU want to do more than survive the competition, you want to out SHINE the competition!


If you want more IN DEPTH help with your fan page

 join us in the Honey Badger 101 Course or Big Girl Panties

HB101 runs once a year and Big Girl Panties has a rotating series of topics (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, blogging…)


Leave a comment with your ideas for an editorial calendar, and check out the ideas others have. Nothing better than smart women helping one another! 


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