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Today’s guest post is by Jen Fitzgerald, owner and creator of The Client Angel, a FABULOUS tool to help you follow up with your clients and team members.  This isn’t just any old system to remember client names and email addresses, it has the capability of reminding you with a weekly email with a list of things you have coming up that need your follow up, tracking your top clients, purchases and so.much.more.  I LOVE it!  The Client Angel is the proven tool for the Direct Selling community.  It is used in conjunction with your companies’ website to catapult your business while giving you the organization you crave and the reminders you need to follow-up and build relationships with your customers.  See a demo at:


When you go to a home show or meet people out and about…do you collect personal information about them? 

You should be finding out those tidbits that make them who they are and once you have that information, this is when the balancing act begins.

As a business owner you definitely want to be sending out emails about your promotions, sales, hostess benefits, etc.  The problem is you don’t want to feel like you are bombarding them with e-mails that are pushy or full of sales all the time.

You need to have a consistent set of e-mails you send to new customers and a way to stay in touch over time.  

Think about this…what do you think about the other Direct Sales reps that only send you something when they have a sale or a new product line?  Do you like to hear from them or do you shutter when you see the email come in?  I have a solution!!

Every couple of months you need to be sure to send them something that is completely unrelated to your business.  Make the email about them and their lives.  Send something about their kids.  Once you develop a relationship with them and learn about their lives, it doesn’t seem hard at all…you are just conversing with a friend over email or the phone.  They won’t cringe when they see your email because 75% of the time it will be about them…telling them to have a good vacation or sending them a link about a new book you just read.

Your customers want to be your friend..they crave that personal attention. 

Soooo give it to them!!

There are a lot of systems out there and ways to organize yourself.  I created The Client Angel to help me.  It sends me reminders about all those tidbits I just wrote down from the people so I don’t have to think about just reminds me. If you want a demo of how it works..check it out at and click on the About tab and Demo.

Your customers do expect you to talk about your business.

That is how they met you after all.  Just don’t do it all the time.  Set up reminders and contact them about their lives every 2-3 months and you will be right on target!!

 Share in the comments how YOU prefer to follow up with clients!


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