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In direct sales, consultants often have a corporate generated website.  These sites are “cookie cutter” in nature with a small area for the consultant to “personalize” with their content.  I feel like I have to point out that lots of us share the same name. It isn’t just me, it is Lori, Lisa, Nicki, Julie, Heather, Amy etc…

Get more traffic to your website

Is your name Kelly?  but the extention of your url looks like this :

This might be because some “other” Kelly has the one that looks like this:

Here’s a marketing tip to those of you who have a common name, BUT don’t have THAT name as the extention of your website url:  DO NOT market yourself as “Kelly” when you need to be marketing as “Kelly Paull”.

My experience for 7.5 years in Direct Sales was that I reaped the benefit of website traffic from all the other Kelly’s, Kellie’s, Kelley’s and Kelli’s in my company.  I had the luck of getting just my first name as the extention of the website.

Those other girls did a great job of making their clients remember their name, but, sadly for them, I got the benefit of a client doing an internet search and coming up with ME!

Get out there and market yourself in a way that will drive traffic to YOUR website!

Many people brand themselves with their first and middle names….HeatherJane…LisaMarie.  Stick with that in your Facebook page, your contact information, your signature line.  Be consistent across your social media channels.

If your site uses first and last names be SURE that all your order forms, catalogs and printed materials use both names.  You want and NEED them to remember YOU!  Stay consistent in your branding and you’ll find you get more online orders and party leads than before.

If you have a common name with a different spelling, make sure you point this out during your presentation. Come up with a way to help them remember the spelling.

Make sense? As much as I loved getting all that traffic, those purchases and party leads…I have to tell you, there is a way to market yourself AND get the traffic that is looking for YOU!

Do something funny, strange or out of the box to get them to remember YOU and YOUR name!!

Happy internet marketing ladies!

Do you have an unusual name or spelling? Let us know in the comments what you do to get people to remember YOU.


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