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I started this blog with high hopes and aspirations of writing brilliant copy at least 5 days a week.

HA!  A quick glance back over my posts and you will see I fell down on that goal!

I joined a 30 day blogging challenge to see if I can’t get the old writing juices flowing again.  Here is the link in case you, too want to light a fire under your blog. Follow along, I sometimes lose my filter and you just might find some good blackmail, er, content here for your business!

It is like as soon as I commit to sitting down to write some invisible fairy has quickly opened the plug and emptied the contents of my brain.  Sadly, those contents don’t splatter onto the page, they float off into thin air only to return when I am on the brink of sleep with no means of capturing the brilliant ideas.  The shower is also a place of inspiration, get a head full of shampoo and I am a literary genius.  If only I had an assistant to sit outside the door frantically jotting down my brilliance.  But alas, I don’t.

These days I am going in a zillion different directions.  No time, I tell myself, no time to blog everyday.  Yet, I know that blogging at least on a regular basis is the one thing my business DOES need.

Writing daily is something I used to love to do.

Let me tell you a quick story about my youth.

I was an avid short journaler (I was using less than 140 characters LONG before it was “a thing.”)  I recently found my day-timer from middle school.  Yes, I had a day-timer, it was a hardbound book type calendar that someone gave my dad.  It had a red ribbon to mark the day and that shiny coating on the pages, like a bible, only it was the scripture of my youth in short snippets.

I kept track of every sleepover, my moods and even took the time to write things like, “Nothing exciting happened today.”  Crushes, friendships, vacations… I kept track of it all.  It must be mildly entertaining because my 14 year old son sat with me for almost a FULL 30 minutes as I read aloud things like, “Mom is in a bad mood today, I wonder what is up her butt.”  We bonded over the fact that moms can be lame.

Funny, I seemed to have lost the ability to communicate in 140 characters as evidenced by my Twitter account, so blogging it is.

Maybe YOU have blank page syndrome as well.  If you run a small business or are in direct sales maybe it hits you when it is time to send an email blast out to your VIP customers.  Nothing like the thought of emailing hundreds of people to draw a complete blank in the writing department.

Facebook marketing is a place where lots of people draw a blank.

More often than not, the easiest thing to post about is the latest product, a sale, you know, some kind of marketing.  It’s easy because that is what YOU are passionate about…just like I was passionate about someone named “Scott” back in the 7th grade.  He took up about a whole 2 weeks of that day-timer (hey, two weeks is a long time in an 11 year old’s life!)

The point is, it is EASY to write about what WE are passionate about, but your followers, your customers, really only care about what is in it for them.  So take a few seconds to jot down some of the things (ASIDE from your fantastic products or services) that your customers are interested in.  No seriously, actually write it down.

If you are having a hard time try these 6 questions:

What do your customers do when they aren’t buying from you?

What are their hobbies or interests?

Where do they shop or spend their money when not paying you?

What kinds of worries or fears do they have

What excites them?

What makes them laugh?

Now, try posting or emailing something that isn’t all about you and your business, but something that your customers will find helpful, valuable or insightful.


Let me know in the comments if you ever have blank page writers block.  I’m also totally open to your suggestions about mine.  I’ll be trying to post daily and I commit to trying to always give YOU my followers something of value to chew on.


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