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Big Girl Panties – Facebook Edition

Big Girl Panties


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You have emails from satisfied customers, praising you for your excellent service.

Your Facebook notifications bar is on fire with lots of new “likes” and comments that include everything from inquiries to friendly banter. There are a couple of messages asking about placing an order, and someone has even expressed an interest in joining your team.

 Life is good, and so is business.

You feel like you really have it together. You know those days when you are so put together that you’re even wearing matching underwear? Yeah, it’s like one of those days. 

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This isn’t your current reality. 

Instead of waking up with excitement and confidence, you are feeling mild to moderate panic about all that needs to be done, and how much of it you don’t know HOW to do.

You’re starting to dread checking that inbox.

Ok, so it’s not a “matching underwear” day, after all. You’ve got the threadbare, stretched-out cotton briefs on because it’s laundry day, and that clashing bra you just rescued from the back of your top drawer has your mother’s warnings about clean underwear echoing in your head. You better not drive today, just in case.

No, you’ll just stay home and work. 

You make one to-do list after another, because you just don’t know where to start. You check your fan page constantly and feel discouraged by the lack of activity there. 

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Before you spend another minute fidgeting in those awful briefs, tinkering around + being unproductive…

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Are you frustrated by the lack of response you are getting from your Facebook fan page? (Otherwise known as: Granny Panty Syndrome – everyone notices how ugly they are, but nobody says anything.)

Do you have a product/service that you LOVE, but don’t seem to get the same results others in your industry do with Social Media? (Contrary to popular belief, there is NOT only one right shape or form you need to take to be successful here. Victoria’s Secret, I’m looking at you.)

Do you need an update to your “look”…like, making those cool images or setting up those custom tabs? (Hmm…. have you tried something lacy yet? How do we feel about silk?)

Do you look at other FB pages and wonder, ‘how’d they do that?’ (Oh, don’t worry. You can have push-up and underwire, too. They do wonders for all of us.)

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The thing is, you already know that.

You know you’ve got the drive, the motivation, the willingness to push through this if you just had the right guidance.

You already know it’s time to toss the briefs and put on the Big Girl Panties (that’s why you’re reading this, right?).

You need someone to teach you just what needs tweaking on your page, someone to show you the cool apps and tricks to make your page STAND OUT from the others.

Well, guess what? I’ve set aside 8 HOURS to show you how to do just that. We’ll work hard all day – no distractions – and transform your Facebook presence.

Not only will you have my individualized advice, you will get support and suggestions from all of the “Big Girls” working hard that day through our private Facebook group. 

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 No more unsightly panty lines-  I’ll show you the tips and techniques the pros use to make your Facebook fan page something you WANT everyone whispering about! 

First, we’ll undress your page by going over common mistakes, then we will dress it back up with the proper apps, tabs, images and stylings.  We’ll fit your page for “custom” shape wear and by the end of the day you will be twirling your page in front of a full length mirror beaming at the transformation.

Here’s what you need to do right now::

1.  Register for Big Girl Panties  (click the buy now button below).  $147 

2. Block off the date of your intensive- it is an 8 hour block.  If you can do the whole thing, GREAT.  If not, no worries you can come back to the content later.

That means getting a babysitter for the kids, sending the hubby off with a long honey do list or reserving yourself a seat at the local Starbucks.

3.  Be on the look out for more instructions and printables once you join the Private Facebook group!  Let’s do this thing!






Not a good time?  Get on the list and be notified of the upcoming Big Girl Panties Intensives!

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