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Let’s be honest, it smarts to see your reach sinking like a stone with no life preserver in sight.

Tread water with me here for a moment while I lay out 5 actions that will get your fan page swimming again.

Here’s the deal, your content needs to excite your followers into becoming PART of the community on your page.

It needs to jolt them out of their lazy scrolling and propel them into WANTING to be actively involved.

It’s not hard, but it does take effort and time. You didn’t think you’d pop up a fan page and rake in the big bucks without a little sweat equity did you?

1. Be original:

As in, NOT like everyone else. Facebook has this uncanny way of knowing when the same content (be it wording or images) is being posted across the platform. In general it doesn’t like it, UNLESS that content is being shared from one place – like a viral video that is getting shared thousands of times or an image that grabbed the interwebs by its eyeballs.

You may have found your way into “Facebook jail” if you message several people with the exact same wording in a short period of time or if you post the same exact images at the same exact time in more than one place (this can happen if you are running concurrent Facebook parties and your posts are going out at the same time.)

Being original isn’t easy, but your followers sure will appreciate your efforts to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve all experienced scrolling our newsfeed only to see the same image or post multiple times….BORING!

Copying and pasting a clever post from someone else takes a split .5 seconds, but what you may not realize is it isn’t HELPING you to establish yourself as different and authentic.

2. Have a true following:

*someone please pull out my soap box*

I can not emphasize enough how important it is that your followers be ACTUAL real live people who are interested in you, your business and what you have to say.

NOT people who liked your page from a “like ladder” or “fan page Friday” type post on another page. Those kinds of likes to your page are empty.

They are people who have no intention of coming back to your page or ever buying from you. Yuk, who wants those kinds of followers? Not you.

Empty likes also HURT your ability to be seen in the news feed.

Now that I am the most unpopular person in the room let’s move along…

Facebook has this “algorithm” for deciding what actually gets shown in the news feed, picture the Starbucks Secret Menu, only more secret.

Here’s how it works:

  • You post to your fan page. Yay you!
  • Facebook takes your post and shows it to a very small segment of your followers. If no one “interacts” with the post by liking, commenting or sharing, Facebook makes the executive decision to not show it to anyone else.
  • IF the post gets some interaction Facebook shows it to a few more followers and so on.
  • IF you got tons of comments like “Oh ___your name here___, that is the wittiest, smartest, most spellbinding commentary I have ever read. You are so ___(smart, funny, knowledgeable, likable
  • IF your followers shared the shiz out of it…we’re talking double digits sharing, then Facebook thinks you are the bomb and they continue to allow your post out in the newsfeed for more and more people to consume.
  • Sadly, our post is dead in the water if no one gives it any attention.

See how this can be super detrimental if a large portion of your followers are empty, disinterested or your grandma Betty who doesn’t even remember her password to log into Facebook!?

It is much better to have a small interested following than a large “fake” following.

Ok, Kelly, that’s all well and fine, but HOW do I get followers!? I’m glad you asked, read on!

3. Post about more than just your products/services:

Go back through the last 10 posts on your fan page. Count how many of them are marketing posts, you know, all about what you have to sell. Chances are you have more than 3, it’s probable (unless you have taken my Honey Badger 101 course) that you have even more than that. You should only have 1 or 2 marketing posts for every 10.

That can’t be right, my followers love what I sell and can’t get enough of it. If that’s so, also go through those posts and see how much engagement you are getting on those posts.

When you make your page a place people want to frequent you have done your job. Post tips for unique ways to use your products, teach them something they didn’t know about, help them save time in their day with a quick recipe or life hack.

When you realize and accept that your followers have a myriad of interests beyond what you sell and you commit to connecting with them and getting to know them on a different level, THAT is when you will see your exposure explode.

Keep in mind you do damage to your page in the short term AND the long term when you post junk or too much promotion.

4. Let your followers know the real you:

Your fan page needs to be a reflection of you. Write like you speak. Share bits of your life, behind the scenes of your business, other interests, your personality. Do you boo. Meaning, if your best friend were to read what you have written, they will know it’s you.

This way, people can decide if they like you. The more they get to know you the greater your chances they will do business with you. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Not those who jam their marketing posts down everyone’s throat.

5. Use a free image editor to make your page visually attractive:

Canva and Picmonkey are two editors that are simple to use and free or low cost. You want your news feed to scroll like a magazine with beautiful, high-quality images.

Try behind the scenes images and sneak peeks. Fans love the feeling of getting a glimpse behind the curtain. Indulge them.

Quote images are just as popular now as they were 5 years ago. You can even make quote images of things you say during your demonstration. Let your personality shine.


Apply these 5 tips and you’ll be swimming laps around the competition in NO time!


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