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Many consultants struggle with getting together the wording for their websites simply because it feels overwhelming.

Don’t stress, there are plenty of ways to make YOUR website stand out without laboring over the writing.

This list will help you get your website copy up and running and help you avoid some common pitfalls. (These also apply to your email campaigns!!)

1. Describe your target market (your IDEAL client)

Don’t be afraid to be specific about things like what kind of work she/he does, married or single, how old, income level, where she lives, etc…  Once you are clear on this you can begin writing as if you are talking to this ONE person, not the entire INTERNET.  So many people worry that this will limit their reach.  Quite the opposite will happen.  Once you are clear on who your market is, and you write as if you are speaking to them…MORE of these kinds of people find you which converts into more business.

2. Write down compliments you have gotten from guests and hostesses at your parties.

These comments will help you later when you need ideas about what to write. If you are new, write down what you HOPE to hear from clients or what you liked about the shows you have seen of other distributors.  When someone is reading your website copy they want to know what kinds of great things they are going to get by working with you.

3. Make a list of the kinds of questions people might have when they get to your site.

Your copy should ANSWER these questions. (ie… What are these parties all about, how do I book a party, what kinds of products do you carry, why would I need them?)  You could start by saying something like, “Are you wondering _____?”  Fill in the blank with the common questions you get about your parties, products and so on.  When you answer the question they find your site to be useful and exactly what they are looking for.

4. Give out free advice, tips or help on your site.

Give them a sample of what they will get from you as their consultant or sponsor.  How about you share a fantastic recipe they could use to serve their guests at the party, a tip about one of your best sellers or even a list of ideas to entertain the hubby if this party is going to be a girls only night.

5. Provide useful content, make it unique.

Make your site sound like YOU, write like you speak. Unless, of course you drop the F bomb every other sentence.  Here’s a thought…Google the questions, phrases or keywords you a client would be typing in to the search bar to find you.  You might be surprised to see what comes up.

6. Don’t use the word “I” if you can avoid it.

The easiest way to clean this up is to use the word “you”.  Make the page about them, not you.  The only person that wants to come to a website all about YOU is your mother and maybe your grandmother.

7. Check Spelling and grammar, then let someone ELSE read your copy.

Be aware of the common misspellings of there, their and they’re as well as these.  {Warning: ONLY read IF you have a sense of humor and are not easily offended}

9. Use keywords through out your copy.

Use your name, your state, your city, words that the AVERAGE person would use to find your product. Please always keep in mind that the person searching for you does NOT know your industry lingo.

Does that give you a place to start?  I’d love to hear in the comments section if you found this article helpful also leave any questions you might have.


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