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5 steps spice up fan page

Yep, I said it…and I mean it when I say that many of your fan pages just kind of exist.  They don’t differentiate you from your competition, they don’t make me excited to read more or they don’t give me the ANSWERS or details that I need to decide to Like your page and come back for MORE.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you make your mark with your fan page.

1.  Post about things that your FANS or potential fans are interested in.  (Note:: that isn’t always the same thing you THINK they are interested in)

  • Is your ideal client (here at Directly Successful we call that person your Biche) a harried mom who spends 3-5  hours a day in the car driving carpool and sitting at sports?  Perhaps she would love it if you did a post each week with apps she can check out on her phone that would improve her life in some way.
  • Highlight one of your products and show her how it could simplify her hectic lifestyle.
  • Post a crock pot idea that will help her feel less guilty about the money she is spending at the drive through and help her feel better about the kinds of things she is feeding her kids.
  • Give her something to smile about…Facebook is meant to be fun and SOCIAL.
  • Don’t forget to connect with your fans, get to know them…be interested in them, rather than focused on what you can sell them!

2.  Post images that make people want to slow down and LOOK at them.  We all know how fast we can scroll through a boring news feed, but throw in a beautiful image with an interesting quote or comment on it and people will slow down long enough to then read what your post says.

3.  Ask for your followers to engage with you.  I’m not talking about silly Facebook games like “what is the first word you see” or “bet you can’t think of a tree that has a letter “A” in it.  I’m talking about getting the conversation going on your page.  Don’t be afraid to post something controversial (I do NOT mean religion or politics, unless that is what your business is about).  I mean, don’t be afraid to state your OPINION about something and to ask for conversation about it.  Don’t be afraid to ask your followers for tips and/or advice… we all have some pretty amazingly SMART followers who know lots about a lot!

4.  Everyone hates this tip, but it is true::  slow down the marketing, let your followers know you as a person, not just someone who wants to sell them something.

5.  Spend some time thinking about the colors, textures, fonts and kinds of images that you want to post.  Do what feels good to you!  You want your page to scroll like a magazine with images that are sized correctly and can tell a story about your brand.  Do your scrolling fans get a sense about who you are, your personality, your product or service?  Do they leave the page with more knowledge than when they came?

Now, let me get to know YOU by leaving a comment here on the blog…if you want, leave a link to your fan page and I will come over and interact with you there as well!


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