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1. Your branded business page or ‘fan page’ conveys a sense of professionalism.  You don’t see the CEO of Starbucks running their business from their personal profile.  Convey a sense of professionalism from the get go and avoid all the headaches you are sure to encounter later if you do this step wrong.

2. Use this FREE medium (Facebook) to increase not only exposure to your brand, but increase your SEO (search engine optimization) with Google and all other search engines.  All posts and links are indexed by the search engines on your business page.  Personal profile pages are NOT indexed.  SEO should be part of your social media strategy.  Don’t panic if your social media strategy is nonexistent or consists of “post something on the fan page a couple times a week”…we’ll get to that later.

3. The better you get at engaging your fans, the higher you will rank in Facebook’s “Live Feed”.  This is the default setting for home pages and gets YOU in front of your fans where you want to be.

4. Fan pages have an unlimited number of ‘likes’ where personal profiles are capped out at 5000.  Don’t underestimate your success! You might be thrilled to have 50 fans right now, but rest assured you are a ROCKSTAR and your business is going to BOOM!

5. Business pages provide super useful insights into what is happening on your page.  These stats will help you identify who is liking your page, the demographics of your fans, their age, where they live. If comments are going up, how many views your video posts are getting…see? Totally useful and insightful!

What questions do you have about either getting your business page up and running?  What Facebook fan page have you see that is getting it right?  We can all learn from great examples!

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