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1. Understand that customers are really looking for solutions to problems and new opportunities.

Understand this simple truth and you will increase your sales.  Think about the products in your line.  What problems do they solve?

Make a list of the problems your clients might have and which product is the solution.  This might open up a whole new way of presenting.  Remember, marketing is always geared toward pleasure OR pain.


2. Take a close look at your business and write down the ways you add value for your customer.

printing invites for your hostess
mailing invites for your hostess
VIP club for hostesses and clients
prompt and professional follow up
delivering the night of the party
special perks/incentives for bringing a friend

3. Don’t forget the future impact of low- or no-profit accounts.

The best example I can give is the common practice of sending weekly sales or coupons to your entire client base. With the over use of this practice the harsh reality is that the use of “coupons” or “sales” too frequently attracts the wrong type of customer: those who will only buy low cost items or wait to purchase ONLY when something is on sale. You are training your clients to wait as well as devaluing your products. This practice can be a great promotional strategy when used sparingly and if it is attracting profitable clients. Consider every dollar you are giving away and if it is indeed a good investment of your time and energy.

4. Instead of talking louder so people will hear you, focus on coming up with interesting things to say so people will pay attention.

Use the internet to search for the topics you’d like to spice up in your demo. Look for fun statistics, relevant topic to ENHANCE what you sell, and/or interesting new ways to conduct your presentation.  Be FUN!

5. Make your website pull its weight.

Be sure your site has all the important details a prospect might be searching for. Pretend you are writing an important proposal regarding your business– does your website reflect the same quality of production that the proposal would? Don’t let your site be a last minute add on to your marketing plan…make it the main attraction!


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