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30 second commercial

We’ve all heard about this 30 second commercial thing that we are all supposed to have rolling off the tip of our tongues.

But really, HOW do you come up with one on your own?

Include the who (your target market), the what (your specialty), and the benefit.

The more specific your target market, the more effective your marketing will be

Get a piece of paper and answer these questions:

1. What is the underlying message of your business?

2. Who are you?

3. Who is your target market or niche? (Be specific. The more you narrow the better you will be at attracting them & marketing to them)

4. What is your specialty? What need do you meet? What problem do you solve?

5. What are the benefits of your product or service?

OK, now you want to paint the picture, fill in the underlined sections:

“You know how target market name their challenge and what they lose or the pain that results?” (this gets them interested, you want them thinking ‘that’s me’!)

“Well, I help target market overcome this challenge or gain something they want name the greatest benefit you offer.

30 seconds isn’t long. You want to leave something out so the listener is intrigued and wants to know more.

Don’t start with “Hi, my name is…” leave that for the end.

So someone says, “What do you do?”

Give it a try and post your results here in the comments! Good luck!


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