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3 examples of when it is best to work from the couch

If you work from home you totally know what I am talking about when I say some days are couch working days and others are office working days.  I have one of those rolley chairs in my office and I feel all profesh when I am sitting at my desk in a full upright position ready to get shit done.  If I happen to get dressed that day, watch out world, Kelly means business!

Let’s be honest, there are more yoga pant/sweatshirt days than dressed like a person who leaves her house for more than carpool days.  I get lots done when I am in the office, but I want to give you 3 times that working on the couch is totally better than the rolley chair:

1. When you need a creative boost-

Criss-cross applesauce on the couch is where ALL of my courses begin.  I am in a different state of mind when I am away from the office, the desktop computer and the sticky note reminders.  I now save my creative work time for the couch.  You’ll be amazed what you can conjure up when you relax and change your environment.

2. When you have a sick kiddo-

Let’s face it, if you are a mom and you work from home, you have paid plenty of lip service to WHY you work from home.

“So I can be there everyday for the kids.”

“So, I can carpool and experience the joys of the Hug & Go lane.”

“So I can volunteer in the classroom.”

Then, the minute your kid’s school pops up on caller ID and you hear the nurse’s voice saying, “Little Kim/Karl is in the office not feeling well.”  You damn it all to hell (come on, I know it isn’t just me) and you stomp out to the car listing in your mind all the things you WOULD have accomplished today.

Here’s the perfect opportunity to work from the couch.  You need to give Kim/Karl all the loves and attention they need, and once they are all settled, you can pull out the laptop, phone or ipad and get some work done.

My suggestion is Pinterest…you can work there on the couch, disruptions aren’t an issue with Pinterest. If you haven’t taken the Big Girl Panties™ Pinterest course you might need some ideas:

  • Pin things that your dreamiest of clients would LOVE  (need help identifying your dream client?  Click here and join my free mini Who’s Your Biche Course)
  • Do some digital snooping and go check out who your followers are and what THEY pin (this is also insight into your dream client)
  • Follow influencers in your industry…who are the big wigs and what are they doing? Who follows THEM?
  • Search a topic inside of Pinterest that will teach you something new that you can use in your business (ie… public speaking tips, sales tips, direct sales tips, marketing tips)
  • Follow at least 5 new people (preferably those who look like they could be a dream client, leave comments on some pins, re-pin some and get the interaction going)

You really are a great mom and look at that, you killed two birds with one stone.  You were present for your sick little lovey AND you feel like you got a little work done.

3. When your desk/work area is so cluttered that working there is more of a distraction than anything else.

This one doesn’t really need explanation, but you better set aside some time in your schedule to get that place cleaned up.  Physical clutter also leads to mental clutter and GIRL, you have some big goals this year!!

Let me hear it, do YOU ever work from the couch?  Is it productive?

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